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Stay cool out there, my fellow anglers
Donny Branch
Tight Line Junior - photo by Photo provided.

Well, hello, everyone. Tight Line Jr. here.

I sure hope you all are staying cool. I know the fish are — they are deep.

I hope you all had a good 4th of July. Joe Cannon and crew put on a pretty good fireworks show at Halfmoon.

Well, last weekend was the end of the era of Yellow Bluff Fishing Camp. It’s been a landmark on Colonel’s Island and always will be. I hope that privatization thing works out for everybody. And speaking of Yellow Bluff, some folks caught some fish there last weekend.

Rayburn said several boats had trout, spottail and flounder. My buddy Capt. Jim Sheridan and his crew landed 12 spottail, 14 whiting and six nice-size flounder. Jack Miller, fishing out on Harris Neck, netted 15 nice trout and three spottail. John Rogers and party won the trout tournament at Sunbury, and I think Jake Horton and Shawn Branson came in third. Congratulations to all the participants.

The ol’ dock tour is back with Boo Hall and Capt. Hippie once again landing the biggest toad fish I’ve seen in a long time. Now that would have made a nice pair of shoes. We did manage to land four flounder, one big spottail and two sheepshead.

Remember, you can still buy bait at Yellow Bluff. The store is open to the public. Half moon has live shrimp. Sunbury Crab Company and Marina has live shrimp and minnows, and Yellow Bluff has live shrimp and minnows. Big Rudy at the Sunbury Country Store has frozen shrimp, squid, finger mullet, ballyhoo and cigar minnows.

So my friends, remember what Ol’ Tight Line always said: Get out there and go fishing and, if you do, always remember to keep a tight line. I would like to say God Bless to all the men and women serving this great country around the world and God bless the USA.

Until next time, do me a favor — get out there and wet a hook. It’s good for you.

Your Buddy,

Tight Line Jr.

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