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Tight Line
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Hello folks, Ole' Tight Line here,
The bad weather kept most folks away from the water so there is not much to report as far as fishing.
Rayburn Goodman from Yellow Bluff said he has Florida shrimp for $22 a quart and plenty of minnows. So if the weather holds out plan a fishing trip, And if you do, always remember, to keep a tight line.

Tight Line, Jr. here.
Still trying to keep the dock tour alive. We caught a few this week, one nice spottail, 4 black drum 2 nice sheepshead.
Here's a fishing tale but it's true. I lost the biggest trout I've ever seen this week, but I was thankful for having him on my hook even if only for a little while.
Well friends the weather is a little bit windy, but keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go done.
Your buddy Tight Line, Jr.

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