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Trout fishing is as hot as the weather
Tight Line Jr., Donny Branch - photo by Photo provided.

Howdy, friends and neighbors, hope everyone has had a good week so far.  
I know it has been hot, but some folks are catching fish. A couple of good ol’ boys from around Sunbury and Colonel’s Island — namely, Allen Fillingame and Gil Sikes —  were fishing out of Yellowbluff and came back to the dock with 24 gator trout. Fillingame said they caught a few more, but they were all catch-and-release.
Now onto the Brothers Tutens: These boys have been around this coastline all their life. They are as salty as me.  The first trip was Richie fishing solo. He went to a spot (I can`t reveal the location —you know that) that is one of the old salt’s places like where my dad Old Tightline used to fish. Anyway, Richie caught the limit on D.O.As. The next day, Richie and his brother Dale and Dale’s son all caught fish. Now the place I speak of is not deep water like you may think  because of the heat, so that means the fish are biting.  
A couple of fellows I work with, Mickey Parker and Morris Cochran, took some well-deserved  time off last week and went trout fishing out of Harris neck. Parker said they caught about 25 but only had 15 keepers. Hey, that’s enough to fire up the grease.  
This time of year, I love to take some trout filets, fry them up, have some nice lady make coleslaw, cook up hush puppies and maybe a little cheese grits and have good old throwdown. Call some friends up and enjoy a nice Sunday afternoon.
Well, friends, it looks like the fish are out there, so remember what Old Tight Line always said: “Get out there and go fishing, and if you do, remember to always keep a tight line.” I say hit the docks, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down. Keep on sailing, friends.
P.S. — Happy birthday to my nephew Boo Hall. A special  birthday wish up to the sky to my mother Mrs. Kitty Branch. I love you and Dad and miss you every day. Thanks, folks.

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