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Use artificial bait during cold weather
Tight Line Column
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Hello everybody, Tight Line Jr. here. Not much been going on lately with the cold weather and cold water. Ol’ Tight Line and I think things should start to pick up around the end of the month. But here is a tip for ya’ll: Artificial bait works well this time of year. Pick your choice as long as they can smell it.

Here’s another tip. Spottail bass like to gather in areas with a dark bottom because those spots hold warmth better. They will school in those areas so wet your hook 10-12 feet down.

Boo Hall, all the members of the dock tour and I are ready to start netting fish as I’m sure many of you anglers out there are as well.

Now I have heard there are a lot of fish being caught out on the reefs, especially flounder and black sea bass. But it’s a cold ride out there by boat.

Here’s a little something to whip up for the big game next week. Start preparing some Zataran’s Jambalaya Rice, ala the box recipe.

While that is simmering throw some oysters and shrimp drizzled with a little olive oil and some Fred’s hot sauce in a sauce pan. Sauté that for 10 minutes and when the rice is ready, mix it all together and serve. That’s my version of a Lowcountry Super Bowl jambalaya.

My son wanted to share a few words with ya’ll:

Hey everybody, Boo Hall here and I’m Ol’ Tight Line’s grandson. Sorry we didn’t have a longer fishing article but with the cold and all, there hasn’t been much to write about. I just wanted to add a little something personal this week remembering my grandmother Kitty Branch. Grandma left this Earth on Dec. 5, and although we were all sad at her funeral, it was also a celebration.

Every time someone spoke her name there was a smile on their face. Everyone who spoke to me or my family would say they were sorry but would follow that with a good memory or a funny story. So thank you, grandma. Thank you for leaving so much of you in all of us.

Love Boo.

In closing remember what Ol’ Tight Line says and get out there and get fishing. And if you do always remember to keep a tight line. Dad always says hit the dock and keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down. Now get out there and wet a hook.

Your buddies,

Tight Line Jr. and Boo

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