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Video shows fisherman pulled overboard by monster fish
A new YouTube video shows what happens when a goliath grouper decides to turn the tables on a fisherman. - photo by Grant Olsen
FLORIDA Many anglers have had the experience of a big fish striking when they werent paying attention. In these shocking moments, its not unheard of to have the pole yanked right out of your hands.

A new YouTube video shows what happens when the fish on the end of the line is a goliath grouper. These massive fish can weigh more than 700 pounds, and they pack a serious punch.

So even though Stephen Rampersad, a firefighter from Florida, was clearly paying attention to the large fish on his line, when the grouper decided to dive, it took Rampersad along for the ride.

The video begins with Rampersad and his wife on a guided fishing trip with Captain Ben Chancey in Florida. As noted in the videos description, the pair were celebrating Mrs. Rampersads birthday.

Rampersad battled the fish for a few moments before it dragged him out of the boat. At first, it looked like the fisherman might be headed straight for the bottom. His sunglasses flew off his face and he was clearly out of control. But the captain grabbed his legs and pulled him back into the boat, barking orders the whole time.

Miraculously, Rampersad managed to hold onto his rod throughout the incident. The grouper made a couple more powerful runs before it was brought up to the boat and released. In the videos description, Captain Chancey estimated the fish weighed as much as 450 pounds.

It would seem that the moral of the story is to always pay attention while fishing. And if you hook into a goliath grouper, be prepared for an unexpected dip in the ocean.

Whats the craziest thing thats ever happened to you while fishing? Let us know in the comments.
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