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Warm water attracts sharks
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Hello friends and fellow fishermen, Ole’ Tight Line here. I’ve been a little under the weather lately and speaking of weather, man has it been hot.
Seems the warm weather has brought some friends or you might think enemies into our waters. I was talking to Capt. Johnny Woods and some of the local shrimpers and they tell me we are in the midst of a shark invasion. They spotted around 70 sharks at one time behind the boat.
You wouldn’t want to fall off the boat right then, huh?
They said they are having some trouble with the big sharks biting chunks out of their fishing nets.
Now mind you this is taking place only three miles offshore. Maybe we should have the DNR look into the situation. Just a thought.
I do have some reports from the coastal area and Yellow Bluff. Capt. Jake and Natty Branson landed 26 trout, seven black drum and 11 whiting.
Phillip and Vickie Bohannon caught six flounder, five trout some croakers and they caught and released more trout and bass because they were too small. Wait about three to four weeks and those will be keepers. Mike Chandler fished off the docks for two days and caught 30 croakers, now that’s a pan full.
Rayburn Goodman said he has plenty of live shrimp and minnows so get out there and go fishing. And if you do, always remember to keep a tight line.

Your buddy,
Ole’ Tight Line

Tight Line Jr., here folks. The dock tour only made it out for one tour but it netted six croakers, four black drum and 2 spot tail. So keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down.

Your buddy,
Tight Line Jr. 
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