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Weather helps improve fishing
Tight Line column
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Hello everyone Ole' Tight Line here. I'll tell you what, the weather is just getting right for some good fishing. Of course, there is no such thing as a bad fishing day.
Well, here is what we have to report from Yellow Bluff and the surrounding coastal area. We had a young 3-year-old, Taylor Thrower, catch his first spot tail bass this week and man, was he thrilled. I'm sure he will have plenty more to catch soon. Good for you, young angler.
Michael Brooker went out with his dad and landed 27 nice trout, one bass and several catch-and-release trout and bass. It won't be long until those will be keepers.  Roger Schofill and party hauled in 28 trout and 15 spot tail bass while fishing out at Yellow Bluff.
Rayburn Goodman and John report having plenty of live shrimp and minnows. Half Moon reports they have live shrimp, so get out there and get fishing. And remember, if you do go fishing, always remember to keep a tight line.
— Ol' Tight Line

Tight Line Jr. here and the dock tour is still in full swing. Rodney Hall and Mike Chandler caught two flounder, six whiting, a drum and two spot tail off an unknown dock location. Don't you worry folks I'll find out where it is.
Well, junior and co-captain Boo Hall landed three nice spot tail, two snapper, a large croaker and two black seas bass. That's a nice dock catch.
So friends, keep a sharp eye and watch that cork go down, I tell you it's a great feeling.

— Tight Line Jr.

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