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WILD Facts: Camo masters can also croak
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If you live in or visit a wooded area with water nearby, you probably will hear the croaks of Cope's gray treefrogs. From March through August, these common nocturnal amphibians belt out loud, buzzing trills and occasional squeaky peeps to attract mates.
Although quite noisy, the 2-inch-long masters of camouflage are hard to find. Their body colors may change from shades of gray to brown, green and almost white depending on their surroundings and activity level. But all gray treefrogs have a light spot beneath each eye as well as bright yellow or orange inner thighs. Visit and search for "amphibians in your backyard" for tips on attracting treefrogs and other amphibians.
WILD Facts is a regular feature written by Linda May, a wildlife interpretive specialist with the Georgia DNR Wildlife Resources Division.

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