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Peeping tom victim IDs Brown
Defense discredits investigation
Joey Brown, right, sits next to one of his attorneys, Lenny Darden, during his trial. - photo by Phgoto by Patty Leon
The alleged victim pointed out Liberty County Administrator Joey Brown during his trial Thursday as the man she saw watching her in a tanning booth in April 2006.
The peeping tom trial against Brown began after a half-hour delay as the courtroom waited for the arrival of a juror. The state and the defense presented opening arguments in a courtroom filled primarily with Brown’s friends and family members. As a sign of support, each wore a small, red ribbon with a white dove pinned to their clothing. Brown’s wife, Kim, sat by his side.
The state presented the testimony of eight witnesses including the alleged victim, Yvonne Tomlinson. She testified she was tanning in room number nine of the Sun-n-Side tanning salon on the morning of April 1. She said she requested that room because it had one of the hottest beds and she was hoping to get a better tan. In her testimony, Tomlinson said she got hot and opened the lid of the tanning bed so she could “sit up and cool off for a few minutes.” It was then, she said, she looked at a mirror and saw the face of a man peering over the separation wall of the tanning rooms.
“We made eye contact, “ she said. “And when he realized I saw him he ducked behind the wall.”
Tomlinson said she became nervous and unsure of what to do after seeing the man.
During her questioning, Tomlinson was asked to point out who she thought that person was and she pointed at Brown. She later testified that she picked Brown out of a two-person photo lineup during the state’s probe.
Brown shook his head in disbelief throughout much of the day’s testimony and has maintained he is innocent of the two felony charges.
The defense, during cross examination, worked to discredit witnesses’ testimony and questioned methods used by the Hinesville Police Department in their investigation. Defense attorneys argued there was another man in the salon at the time and an unidentified person in room 11.
The state looks to close its case today. Defense attorney Joel Osteen said it was likely the defense will complete its case this afternoon. The seven-man, five-woman jury will the decide Brown’s fate. The trial is scheduled to restart at 9 a.m.
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