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Petitions to oust mayor, councilwoman filed
Walthourville seal

It took one week to collect the signatures needed for a recall petition filed against Walthourville Mayor Daisy Pray and Councilwoman Patricia Green.

Paulette Jamison and Anita Scurry had filed a mandamus petition in May after claiming they were given “the runaround” from the mayor and city clerk Melissa Jones in obtaining the recall petitions.

According to the mandamus petition, the plaintiffs are attempting to recall Pray and Councilwoman Green, for alleged “unethical conduct, misconduct in office and misappropriated public property and funds.”

Green said the allegations against her and the mayor are false.

“The statements they are saying have to be proven,” Green said. “And I know within my heart that the mayor and myself have done the best that we can for the citizens of Walthourville.”

The city, through its attorneys, stated the plaintiffs had not requested the documents in the proper manner. The city filed a response to the mandamus petition June 11, stating the plaintiffs’ complaint, “is in bad faith, stubbornly litigious and causes unnecessary trouble and expense.”

Jamison has repeatedly said they were requesting the city’s help in making sure they were doing things correctly but were being given the run around instead. The plaintiffs had their day in court June 25 on the mandamus petition. However, the court dismissed the petition since the plaintiffs were given the correct recall documents just days prior to the  hearing.

Jamison said Jones provided the recall petitions and the instructions on June 20, according to an email to the Courier dated June 29.

With the petition in hand, the two women along with several other concerned residents of Walthourville, said they gathered the necessary number of signatures and filed the completed documents back with the city clerk.

“The petitions are now turned in to the city clerk, Melissa Jones as part of the process,” Jamison said. “We hope that Jones will be honest throughout this process. We will be watching closely.”

Jamison added they will seek more guidance from the court to ensure that residents who supported the recall are not subjected to any form of retaliation. 

“The citizens have the right to speak and voice their opinions without being taunted,” Jamison said.

She said that other public officials should step up and do what is right for the city without feeling intimidated by the mayor.

“I know that a petition for my recall was turned into Jones, our election supervisor,” the mayor said. “I emphatically deny the allegations contained in it, but I respect the process laid out in the Georgia legislator. I will be reviewing the petition further and plan to respond appropriately within the allotted time.”

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