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Police blotter- Sept. 29
Blotter map-sept 29

Simple battery: Blocked Facebook leads to fight. Police arrived on the scene to a man complaining of a verbal dispute. 

The man said while he was inside his residence with one woman, his neighbor began pounding on the door. The neighbor was upset the man had blocked her on Facebook. When he opened the door the neighbor attempted to barge in the residence and the man shoved her out the door. When he stepped outside he and the neighbor began a verbal dispute that turned physical when the woman inside the residence and the neighbor began fighting. The man eventually broke the fight up and called the police. When the police talked to the neighbor, she said she was only there to return his ID and was pushed to the ground and then jumped. The neighbor was intoxicated and struggled to answer some of the officer’s questions. 

Discharging a firearm in the city: Gun shots scare dog owner. Police arrived on the scene and met with the complainant. 

She explained that she had let her dog out on her zip line leash located in her back yard. A few moments later she heard two gunshots and assumed her neighbor shot her dog. When she ran outside she found her dog unharmed and her neighbor holding a small gun before going back inside his residence. Police then spoke with the neighbor who said the dog jumped through the broken fence into his yard. He was in fear of the dog attacking him or his sister and shot twice into the ground. The dog was on the leash when the incident occurred.

Criminal trespass: House gets egged. 

Police arrived on the scene to a woman and her daughter. The woman advised that her daughter came to her saying she heard something hit her window but did not think anything of it. The woman then pulled up her security footage and observed people get out of a vehicle and throw eggs at her residence. The video was too grainy to identify the suspects. 

Identity theft: Woman scams virtual lover

Police arrived on scene to a man complaining of being scammed. The man told police that he had been communicating through social media with a woman since December. He advised that he met her on Facebook and began exchanging messages. He eventually gave the woman his name, date of birth, and Social Security number. The woman advised the man she needed his Social Security number to give to attorneys so they could start working on paperwork to get married. Afterwards the man attempted to access his Social Security account to check on his check and was denied access due to the change of address.  The man went to the Social Security office. They would not allow him access to the account due to a change of address. The man believed the woman used his information to change his account. The woman had only spoken to the man once on the phone, and the man had never seen her in person.

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