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Prominent speaker motivates Rotary Club
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Renowned motivational speaker Dr. Wayne Ates brought a barrel of laughs and some food for thought to the Hinesville Rotary Club's weekly lunch meeting June 17.
"With all my heart, I believe it's important to maintain a healthy sense of humor," Ates told Rotarians between comedic stories and quick one-liners.
He shared some advice a psychiatrist had once given him about the best way to be assured of sound mental health: "Work productively, love unselfishly and laugh appropriately."
The main difference among individuals is, according to Ates, "those who believe they can and those who believe they can't."
Using a traffic stop sign to illustrate his point, Ates described how society often punishes negative behavior but rarely encourages or reinforces the positive. 
Ates told the audience that a life of success is attainable for those who commit to simplifying their pursuits and "live a life of faith, creative expectation and hope."
He said the key was not in obtaining more but being "resourceful, taking what you have and doing the best with it."

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