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$1,150 cellphone bill subject of fraud
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Dec. 15

Recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office include:

Nov. 15
• Simple assault — A Midway resident called LCSO when he awoke to find his girlfriend threatening him with a knife. The man said he and his girlfriend had been arguing before he laid down. She was yelling at him, telling him to leave the residence, but he refused. He said he tried to sleep, but when he rolled over, she was standing beside the bed with a knife in her left hand. He told the deputy she had done this in the past and that he was worried she might one day use the knife on him. He was given a case number and advised of warrant procedures.

Nov. 16
• Verbal dispute — An LCSO deputy responded to a call about a verbal dispute at a home on Briar Bay Road. On arrival, he saw two men arguing in the front yard with two females standing between them. He talked with the women, who explained the home had belonged to their parents and was left to them. They allowed one of the men involved in the argument to live there for free.
They said all the family would gather at the house after church, which the man didn’t like. He told the deputy the women didn’t let him know guests were coming. The deputy advised the family he had a right to be notified before they entered the house. The family responded that the house belonged to them, so they didn’t need to provide him with any notice. The deputy warned them they could be criminally charged, but they remained uncooperative and unwilling to listen to the officer.
• Driving on suspended license, speeding — A Hinesville woman was charged with driving on a suspended license and speeding when she was stopped on Leroy Coffer Highway. She was driving 85 mph in a 55 mph speed zone. When she was pulled over near Hampton Road, she told the deputy she didn’t have her driver’s license with her and produced a military ID card. A check of her name and date of birth found that her Georgia license had been suspended. She was arrested.

Nov. 19
• Driving on suspended license, possession of open alcohol container — A Townsend resident was charged with driving on a suspended license and having an open alcohol container in his vehicle. The deputy stopped him near the county line on Highway 17. After confirming his license was suspended and finding an open bottle of gin under the driver’s seat, the man was taken into custody, and his girlfriend was allowed to drive the vehicle home.

Nov. 20
• Verbal dispute — A Fleming woman called LCSO about a verbal altercation and simple assault. She told the deputy she walks school-age children, who are not her own, to a residence at 6 every morning. She said she knocked on the door of the residence that morning and got into an argument with one of the residents, whom she said poked her on her left cheek. The three residents said that no one hit her and she was not welcome there, as they suspected her of taking food from the residence. The officer’s report said her injury did not match her story. She was given a case number and advised of further procedures.

Nov. 24
• Fraud/financial identity — LCSO deputies assisted a man by advising him on what reports he should fill out after the man realized someone had opened a cellphone account using his information. The man said he received a letter from a collection agency saying he owed $1,154.32 to Verizon Wireless. The man said he called the collection agency to inform them he never authorized or opened a Verizon account. The collection agency said someone opened the account in December 2013.

Nov. 27
• Affray/disorderly conduct — Deputies responded to a home on E. B. Cooper Highway and found a man bleeding from his head. The deputy reported that the man was extremely drunk and disoriented and didn’t know the name of the man with whom he had fought or where and how the fight started. Shortly after that, another deputy responded to a call about a man lying in the road with injuries to the head. The man, also intoxicated, said he was the other man involved in the fight. Both men were taken to the hospital.
• Matter of record — Deputies responded to Liberty Regional Medical Center, where an elderly mother claimed her daughter hit her on the forehead with a walking cane. The daughter told the deputy that her mom suffers from Alzheimer’s. She was trying to get her mother to the hospital because she was due for an evaluation. Her mother refused to go and hit her daughter with the cane. When she tried to remove the walking cane from her mother’s grip, it hit her on the head but did not cause injury. The doctors confirmed there were no injuries or signs of abuse. The woman told the deputy that she is working with a local judge to file the necessary paperwork to get her mother proper treatment.

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