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$50 fine for using cell phone in city court
Hinesville PD blotters for April 27

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

April 21
Theft of services -- An investigator with Georgia Power revenue protection contacted HPD about a residence on Slade Street where the residents were allegedly getting electricity without paying for it. The investigators told officers he had turned the power off at the home on Feb. 26 and that his system showed it was turned back illegally on the same day. He also believed the residents had pulled the same crime earlier when they live don Azalea Street, and cited an earlier police report. This time officers went to the Slade Street home and talked with the woman, who said she didn’t know anything about the power bill that the man of the house handled it. She wouldn’t let them search. The investigator turned off the electricity when they left and later called to say the male resident had contacted him and said he would pay their bill in total. The investigator will decide next week whether to press charges.

Theft by taking – An Oglethorpe Highway business owner called police to report that a former employee had quit two weeks before and apparently stolen keys to the building, templates for some graphics and employee application files. He said the employee also had not done the work assigned. The employer said he didn’t know why the worker would steal. The responding officer took what identifying information the employer had, but the suspect was not located.

April 22
Disorderly conduct – Officers were called when a woman started dropping a bunch of F-bombs in front of a pre-schooler. The child’s mother was driving her to school and apparently accidentally hit another woman’s car at the Liberty County Pre-K Center. The woman whose vehicle was hit started cursing the mother as she and her child got out of their car. Later, when officers arrived, the accident victim said she had acted out of anger and that she was upset because the car she was driving belonged to her mother who would also be upset. The driver who caused the wreck was informed how to take out a warrant if she wanted to pursue charges.

Identity fraud -- A New York woman reported to HPD that her mother had apparently ordered cable television to her Hinesville residence in her name, and then not paid the bill. The unpaid balance, since it was created on Fort Stewart and then transferred to an E.G. Miles Parkway address, was $470. The woman said she had been estranged from her mother since the daughter was a teenager. She was given a case number and asked that her information not be shared with her mother.

Contempt of court – A woman was seen using a cell phone in municipal court. The officer confiscated the phone and told court officials. The judge ordered a $50 fine on a contempt of court charge. The caller was unable to pay and released on a $50 bond. The cell phone was kept as evidence.

Theft by conversion – Bradwell Institute administrators informed HPD that a former student had apparently pawned a school iPad at a local shop in early Marck. Employees of the shop became suspicious when they were preparing it for resale and contacted the school. Authorities are looking for the former student, who was identified on the pawn ticket.

Discharging a firearm in the city and reckless conduct – A Taylor Road resident called police to report a gunshot in in the apartment above his sent the bullet through his ceiling and into a bathroom while his son was using it. The upstairs neighbor claimed he had been cleaning his handgun in his bathroom and put it on a shelf. A little later, when he was checking on some food, he heard a gunshot and claimed the gun fell from the shelf and discharged. The responding officer, however, reported no scorch marks around the hole in the neighbors’ floor. So the neighbor was cited. The victim was informed about warrant procedures.

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