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A woman was arrested for cussing in a Clydes
Hinesville Police Reports
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From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Theft: An officer was “flagged down” on Dec. 27 at a convenience store on E.G. Miles Parkway by a woman who reported a man stole $220 from her and ran off.
The woman said she met the guy Dec. 16 at the convenience store, and “he told her he sells iPhones, laptops and clothes,” the report said, noting the man sent a text to the woman Dec. 22 claiming he had an iPhone for sale for $220.
The man told her he would meet her at a Summerwind condo and “when she arrived he was outside of the apartment,” the report said. “She approached (him) and he told her ‘my man got the iPhone inside, he’s real strict about who he lets in.’ He then received a phone all and told (the woman) ‘he’s ready.’ (She) took out $220. (The suspect) snatched the money out of her hand and ran behind the building.”
The woman then knocked on the door of the apartment, and the couple who answered had no idea what or who she was talking about. The woman told police she thinks the man got into a white car driven by a woman. She described the man as about 5-11, stocky and “very long dreadlocks,” the report said. She also gave police the man’s name and his phone number.

Disorderly conduct: A woman was arrested for cussing in a Clyde’s on Dec. 27. The officer was sent there regarding a fight in the store between two women, and “upon arrival I made contact with (one of the women) who immediately walked out of Clyde’s and began yelling and using obscene language… In front of the store. I attempted to ask (her) what happened but she said I might as well go to talk to (the other woman) and continued to yell and curse.”
Fast forward a paragraph and the second woman told the officer “there was just an argument between her and (the first woman) and they did not physically fight. (The second woman) just wanted to leave the area without (the first woman) following her.”
There was no sign the two women had gotten physical, but the first woman “continued to yell obscenities. I continued to advise (the first woman) not to yell obscenities, but she continued to do so. I repeatedly had to direct my attention to (the first woman) during my investigation due to the continuous yelling of obscenities which was disrupting the ability of the Clydes to conduct business and interfering with my ability to conduct a thorough investigation,” the report said.
The first woman was cited for disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

Theft: A woman reported Dec. 28 there were some weird things going on over the Christmas holiday at an auto repair shop.
First, the woman said “on several different occasions she has come into the business and found the television set on a different channel than she left it when she closed the business for the day,” the report said. “She normally has the television set to the news but when she came in the television was on cartoons.”
The woman said she asked two others with keys to the business if they’d been in, and they said no.
She said she closed the business Dec. 22 and reopened it Dec. 27 and found “her dog’s leash and other items thrown around the waiting area and the television on cartoons again,” the report said. “(She) was also advised by (an employee) that (some tools) and a cat litter box was missing from the shop.”
There were no signs of forced entry.

Burglary: Police were sent Dec. 28 to a Demere Street address regarding a burglary. There, they found a house that had been ransacked.
Reported stolen was a safe, “however the key to the safe was in the drawer” …. And all that was in the safe were “five partially used checkbooks.”
Also reported missing was roughly $56 in cash and approximately eight packs of Little Debbie brand Zebra Cakes.
Theft, forgery: On Dec. 28 a woman told police she ordered two pizzas for $32 and paid for them using a bank card. She said the pizzas were delivered to a next door neighbor’s house, and moments later “she receives a knock at her front door and it was (the neighbor’s niece) delivering one large supreme pizza and advising her the delivery guy only delivered one pizza ….”
The complainant said she called the pizza place and they said they delivered two and the receipt had been signed, but “they agreed to replace the pizza.”
The complainant said she then went to talk to her neighbors, but the woman “became upset and called her a ‘racist …’ and threatened to physically slap her in the face if she did not leave her property.’
The woman said she was upset because her neighbor signed a receipt without her consent.

Theft: A woman reported Dec. 28 her Regency Place apartment had been burglarized. The woman said she opened a storage container and “several miscellaneous tools were missing from it,” and “the tools she could remember were a Phillip’s head screw driver and a flat head screw driver.” The woman also reported she was missing cans of cokes and said “this has occurred in the past and usually occurs while she is in attendance of her medical appointments.”
There were no signs of forced entry.

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