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Act of kindness leads to prescription theft
Hinesville PD blotters for Oct. 27

Recent reports at the Hinesville Police Department include:

Oct. 3
• Criminal trespass — An officer was dispatched to Happy Acres Mobile Home Park in reference to criminal trespass. The officer spoke with a woman who said she was making a food delivery when a man driving a Happy Acres vehicle approached her. She said he knocked on her car and asked what she was doing. She said she told him she was making a delivery, and that he asked her to get out of the car but she refused because there was a large puddle next to her vehicle. She said he then punched the rear door of her vehicle twice, leaving dents in the door. She said that he then told her to get out of his park.
The officer then spoke with the property owner, who said that the woman making the delivery had sped through the property and ran a stop sign, prompting him to get in his vehicle and follow her. He said when he asked her what she was doing, she said, “making a food delivery,” followed by a mumble. He said he advised her that she had been speeding through an area where children play and ran a stop sign, and that she could meet her customer near the mailboxes. He said she again mumbled and that’s when he told her to leave.
He claimed he never punched her car, but only knocked on it to get her to roll down her window.
• Theft by taking, medication — A woman reported that a resident who lives in the same apartment building came to her unit and asked for a ride to church. The complainant said that she kept all of her prescription medications on a table in her living room, and that her neighbor insisted on cleaning the living room while the complainant cooked dinner in the kitchen.
The complainant said that after returning home from church, the neighbor tried to keep the complainant out of her own living room and also appeared to be “zoned out” and “disoriented.”
After the neighbor left, the complainant noticed that numerous prescription medications, including a bottle of alprazolam, were missing.

Oct. 6
• Vehicle accident — An officer was dispatched to Harrison Drive and Oglethorpe Highway after a pickup struck a baby stroller. The mother said she was crossing Harrison when the F-150 struck the front wheel of the stroller. She said there were two children in the stroller, but neither child was injured and she told the driver it was OK and he could leave the area, so he did.

Oct. 7
• Simple battery — An officer responded to a domestic disturbance call on Cherokee Circle. The complainant said he and his girlfriend had been arguing about financial issues when she punched him in the face. The man said he then walked out the front door, and she followed him. He said he reached behind him to get her away from him and accidentally struck her face with his hand. The woman’s account was the same as the man’s. Neither person needed medical attention.
• Window tint/vehicle search — An officer stopped a vehicle at the intersection of Bagley Avenue and Welborn Street for dark window tint. The officer recognized the driver from previous marijuana incidents and called a K-9 unit to conduct a free-air sniff test. After the canine showed positive reactions to the scent of narcotics, the officers conducted a search of the vehicle. After finding no illegal substances, the driver and passenger were released and the driver was cited for the tint.

Oct. 8
• Shoplifting — HPD responded to a complaint of shoplifting at the Family Dollar Store on E.G. Miles Parkway at around 8:40 p.m. The cashier told the officer an older woman with freckles and wearing a blonde wig told her she worked with the elderly and already had talked with the manager about picking up some items. She was allowed to leave with two bags of toilet paper and a large bottle of laundry detergent (total value: $35). The cashier said she didn’t call the manager first because the manager was out of town at the time. The officer reviewed the surveillance video and noted the suspect was the same woman suspected of shoplifting at the Family Dollar on Main Street.

Oct. 9
• Reckless driving/leaving scene of accident/suspended license (second offense) — An officer on foot patrol on East Oglethorpe Highway saw 10-15 people standing outside the Waffle House around 3 a.m. when a black Honda Accord sped through the parking lot and crashed into a brown Infiniti. After calling central dispatch, the officer checked for injuries among the passengers in the car that was hit. A female complained of head and neck injuries and was taken to the hospital. The driver of the vehicle was identified but when asked for his license, registration and proof of insurance, he just stared at the officer. When asked again, he took off running. The officer did not pursue him because he recognized him from an incident last year. He told the Waffle House employees to call him if the man showed back up at the restaurant. At 5 a.m., dispatch told him the restaurant had called. The officer and another HPD officer went to the restaurant and took the man into custody.

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