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Another FEAR member pleads to charges
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Timothy Martin Joiner pleaded guilty in Liberty County Superior Court Tuesday morning to numerous counts stemming from crimes to help fund the FEAR domestic terrorist militia that was uncovered among Fort Stewart soldiers last year.

The 22-year-old was sentenced to 15 years with 10 years probation and five to serve, according to WSAV news. One of the conditions is that he must continue to cooperate with authorities prosecuting related crimes, including the alleged murder of a soldier and his girlfriend.

Michael Roark, 20, who was leaving the Army after being stationed at Fort Stewart, and Tiffany York, 17, of Midway were found shot to death in December 2011 near Ludowici. Four other soldiers, not including Joiner, were arrested for the murders soon after that.

Three of them, Isaac Aguigui, Christopher Salmon and Anthony Peden, and Heather Salmon are facing murder charges in Long County. The fourth soldier, Michael Burnett, pleaded guilty in August to manslaughter charges and testified that the group was plotting to overthrow the government.

He said the killings were to keep the victims from talking about the plot.

Six other people, including Joiner, were arrested and charged with assisting the gang over the ensuing months.

District Attorney Tim Durden has said Joiner's part of the scheme was to help fund the group. The DA said indictments against Joiner included 33 counts of multiple violations of the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act, burglaries, entering autos, theft by taking and financial transaction card.

Last week, Durden implied that a plea bargain had been reached with Joiner. Superior Court Judge Robert Russell was to preside at the hearing.


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