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Asst. prosecutor sworn back into office
Two LCSO deputies promoted
Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes held a brief ceremony Wednesday to promote Deputies Sascha Krumnow and Andy Ghose. Chief Deputy Jon Long aided in the ceremony and praised both employees.

A familiar face is returning to the Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney’s Office, and two long-serving Liberty County Sheriff’s Office deputies were promoted this week.
On Monday morning, Liberty County Superior Court Judge David Cavender administered the oath of office to returning assistant district attorney Stephen Archer inside the justice center.
Archer worked in the DA’s office from 1984 until 2005. “But then I left and went into the ministry,” he said. Archer worked at Savannah Christian Church until recently and felt it was the right time to come back and work as a prosecutor.
“It’s a familiar place,” he said of the DA’s office. Archer also expressed amazement at the new Liberty County Justice Center, which was built while he was gone. “It’s a little intimidating at first — especially since I’ve been away for so long, but I am looking forward to it.”
Archer earned his undergraduate degree at the University of Georgia and his law degree at Mercer University.
“Stephen is a very experienced lawyer and was an asset to the office,” DA Tom Durden said. “He took a little time off to pursue another profession, and he is ready to return to our office as a prosecutor and we are glad to have him.”
Durden added Archer will hit the ground running and is being briefed on pending cases.
“I am looking forward to being in an environment where I can help victims and prosecute the guilty and be sure that justice is done,” Archer said.

LCSO promotions
On Wednesday morning, Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes and Chief Deputy Jon Long held a brief ceremony inside the sheriff’s office to promote two deputies.
Deputy Sascha Krumnow, who was promoted to sergeant, started his career on the patrol division in 2004.
“I am going to be one of the shift supervisors now for the patrol shifts,” he said. “This means a lot, and I’ve been looking forward and been working towards this goal for a long time. I feel honored that they trust me with the responsibility.”
Deputy Andy Ghose was promoted to lieutenant. He started as a jailer with the LCSO in 1995. He also worked as a transport deputy.
Sikes said Ghose was chosen by his peers.
“It’s an honor to be able to promote you both,” Sikes said. “You both were here long before I was, and just to watch you guys progress is an honor to me. … Andy, you have done an extremely good job throughout the years … and everybody in the department said you would be the right person for the job, and if they have that much faith in you, then I do, too. I look forward to seeing you both in a leadership position and I hope you continue to set examples. … I’m with you 100 percent, and I’ve got your back.”
“I am really proud that a lot of people within the department recommended me for the promotion,” Ghose said.
“These guys have earned a lot of respect from the people who they work with, and I’ve known Andy a lot longer than I’ve known Sascha, but I’ve grown to appreciate what both men do,” Long said. “It’s my pleasure to be a part of this.”

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