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Barbershop brawl, chaos by a crew room
Hinesville PD blotter for Jan. 19

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Battery: Try sorting this one out. An officer was sent to a barber shop on the evening of Jan. 6 regarding a fight and a woman unconscious on the floor. Here’s what he reported.

“Upon arrival I observed (the woman) was unconscious on the floor of the (barber shop) with EMS attending to her. I asked the patrons nearby if anyone saw what happened to which they all stated no.”

The woman was taken to Liberty Regional Medical Center by EMS. When the officer got there she was conscious and able to explain her side of the story. She said she was arguing with a man whose name she could not remember because he said she owed him $10, but she told him she’d already given him the money.

The man kept getting angry, the woman said she walked outside of the barbershop and the shop owner and the man followed her outside, then the barbershop owner, also a woman, punched her in the face.

“(The woman) stated she then walked back into the barber shop and informed everyone that she was going to call the police. That is when she was struck from behind by an unknown (female).”

The officer said the woman had some “small swelling” under her right eye and complained of stomach pain. He gave her a case number then went back to the barbershop. There, he spoke with the owner, who said the woman was arguing about money with a man who wears an orange hat and manages a car wash. The barbershop owner said she asked the woman to leave, but then she and the car wash manager followed the woman outside to argue some more and admitted pushing her, “but did not hit her.”

The barbershop owner said a woman who may be the car wash manager’s girlfriend “punched (the woman) in the back of the head, and (she) hit a chair on the way falling down.”
That’s all the barbershop owner would say. That’s all the report narrative said, too.

Simple assault, disorderly conduct: Police were called to the McDonald’s inside Walmart around 11 p.m. Jan. 8 because of a possible assault. There, they were told that there was “some sort of altercation” and the victim was walking away.

The officer found the victim, who said he was at home when a friend asked him if he needed a ride. The victim said “sure because he was headed to Walmart,” and then got into a red car with “several subjects.”

The victim didn’t know who they were and only knew his friend by a first name. Once they got to Walmart, the friend asked the victim for $20 to buy wine. They went into the store, then came out and tried to beat him up, but he hopped out of the car and asked a woman to call 911.  

Police then talked to the McDonald’s manager, who said she was in the back doing inventory when she was called up front. The manager told police she found “chaos” and “that there were several male suspects yelling and one male suspect trying to pull open the door to the ‘crew room,’” the report said.

“(The manager) informed the suspects that they need to leave the store but they proceeded to yell and use vulgarity towards her because they had already paid for their food.”

At that time, the manager “noticed that there was someone inside her crew room and that one of the suspects was trying to pull the doors open. The suspects eventually left and (the manager) eventually got (the victim) out of the crew room. (The manager) requested (the victim) wait in the store for police to arrive, but he decided to leave.”

A cashier then said he overheard the suspects say that the victim had stolen one of their phones, “or something.”

Found property: An officer was sent to an Independence Place apartment around 9:20 p.m. Jan. 6 regarding a woman who “stated she found a car key and key fob in a bowl she keeps her keys in. She does not know who the key belongs to. She checked with her daughters and their friends and could not locate the owner.”

The woman said she had never seen the key “in the bowl” before today. “There were no signs of forced entry to her apartment and nothing was missing. She did not know how the key could have been placed in the bowl.”

The officer noted that “along with the key and key fob there is a used dealer key tag that (said it belonged to a 2012 Buick Enclave). There is no dealer name or other identifying information. (The woman) said she checked the parking lot for a matching vehicle but did not locate one. I also searched for a Buick Enclave in the area with negative results.”

Verbal dispute: A woman called 911 for EMS and reported her husband to the cops around midnight Jan. 10, claiming he was “mentally abusing her and neglecting her. She explained that she was ill and he refused to feed her or take her to the hospital.”

EMS examined the woman and then took her to LRMC for “further treatment,” the report said, noting the officer spoke to the husband, who said he and his wife were getting divorced. “He explained that his wife came to him and stated that she had (a medical problem) and he responded with ‘what do you want to do?’ He said she did not respond and went to the bedroom, then closed the door in her face so he thought she was going to sleep.

“(He) said a few minutes later his wife returned to the living room and threw her purse at him as he was laying on the couch and she stated ‘take me to the hospital!’ (The man) said that he refused due to her attitude and told her to call 911.”

He also told the officer he was going to go stay with a friend for a few days.

Suspicious activity: Police were sent to a Pineland Avenue address around 2 a.m. Jan. 11 regarding “a possible burglary in progress.” There they met a couple who said they heard someone trying to kick in their front door.

It was damaged, but that had been done by the husband, they said, both adding that there was new damage to the door. The police thought otherwise after checking, noting no marks that resembled foot prints, no sign of impact inside the door frame and nails used to “fix the previous damage were still intact,” the report said.

One officer then said that “Fort Stewart had just recently shot some rounds on base and that was probably what they heard.” The woman appeared to believe that possible, but not the husband.

They were given a case number and told to call 911 if they “felt police presence would be needed.”

Criminal trespass: A man was arrested on a warrant in front of a store on Highway 84 around 1:30 p.m. Jan. 10 after an officer was sent there to look into a report of a man begging for money. “Upon my arrival I located (the man) sitting on the curb in front of the business. As I exited my car the first thing (the man) said was I did not ask for the money she gave it to me.”

The officer then told the man he had a warrant for his arrest. He was taken to jail.

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