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Blotters for Sept. 9
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Aug. 17
Entering auto, 3163 Islands Highway
A Midway man reported that his 2006 Chevrolet Z71 pickup had been broken into. A deputy examined the vehicle and saw that the rear side window on the driver’s side was broken and that a large granite rock was sitting on the rear seat. The man reported that a Browning 12-guage shotgun, model sporting 525, and a Dell laptop computer were missing from his vehicle.

Harassing phone calls, 1611 Dorchester Village Road
A Dorchester Village Road man told police his estranged wife has made threatening phone calls to him at his home in recent days. The man’s wife was arrested and convicted in Chatham County for assaulting the man last year. The man declined to press charges on the alleged harassing phone calls.

Aug. 18

Department of Family and Children’s Services (DFCS) referral, 89 Youngblood Drive
A Midway man reported that several days earlier, he, his wife and daughter had gotten sick and experienced severe stomach pain. The man said his juvenile son later told them he had sprayed a lot of food in the refrigerator with an all-purpose bleach cleaner. When the man asked his son why he did it, the son replied he was trying to kill them. The man told police he has had numerous problems with his son and that his family lives in fear.

Criminal trespass, 7373 Leroy Coffer Highway
A Hinesville man came home and found the back door to his house open. He said his wife left the home at 8:10 a.m. and that the home was secured. The man told police when he and his wife came home, they found the door tampered with and open. He said nothing appeared to be missing from the house, although someone apparently went through his drawers and personal papers. The man said his workshop also had been entered, but nothing appeared to be missing.

Battery, 175 Robert Hill Road

A Midway man told police that his uncle had stabbed him in the hand with a pitch fork. According to the incident report, the man had a small puncture wound in the palm of his right hand and went to the emergency room for treatment. Deputies then questioned the uncle, and the uncle told them that he and his nephew had gotten into an argument inside the house.
The uncle said his nephew went outside and that he followed him. The uncle told deputies he did pick up the pitchfork to keep his nephew from “jumping on him.” The uncle said his nephew is younger and stronger.
A female witness told deputies the nephew was cursing at family members inside the house, and the uncle had tried to calm him down. The witness said the nephew stormed outside and the uncle followed, and that the nephew got stuck in the hand when he tried to “jump” on his uncle.

Aug. 19

Burglary, 8 Parrish Loop
A Hinesville woman told deputies her home had been burglarized. She said she left her home at about 8:30 a.m. and returned home at about 1:30 p.m. She said when she opened the garage door with her electronic garage door opener to pull her car into the garage, she noticed the interior garage door was ajar and there was debris on the floor near the back door. The back door also appeared to be damaged.
The woman backed out and went next door for help. Deputies cleared the home to be sure no one was still there. Deputies reported closets, drawers and cabinets were opened and had been rummaged through. According to the incident report, the only known item missing was a Bersa .380 handgun. It had been locked in a fire safe under the bed.
Deputies reported other items of value in the home, such as several laptop computers, were not taken. The shed in the backyard had also been broken into, deputies said.

Battery, Aug. 21, 466 Gen. Screven Way
A woman working at a restaurant on Gen. Screven Way told police a female suspect came in while she was making a customer’s drink, grabbed her by the hair and slammed her head into an ice machine.

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