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Hinesville Police Dept.: Oct. 17, Burglary, No forced entry — A resident on Glenn Bryant Road reported $970 worth of items stolen from his home between 2:30-5 p.m. He said he left his house at 9:30 a.m., and his wife left the residence at 2:30 p.m. and locked the doors.

He came home at 5 p.m., his wife at 5:30. She noted a container of assorted coins was missing, as a well as two pistols with holsters, a 9mm and a .380 caliber.

The investigating officer found no evidence of forced entry.

The resident said two days earlier he noticed the screen removed from the window next to the laundry room.

Public drunkenness — A Hinesville woman was arrested after a police officer was flagged down by a cab driver, who was asking assistance with a drunken passenger he was trying to take home.

He said she was abusing him by kicking the back of his seat, calling him names and threatening him.

The officer tried calling her another cab, but she refused, so she was arrested for public drunkenness.

Liberty Co. Sheriff’s Office

Oct. 12, Theft by taking
— A resident of Robinson Lane in Midway reported that a lawn trailer and equipment had been taken from his van, which was parked outside his home. The man did not have serial numbers for the missing items or the license plate for the trailer.

Oct. 14

DUI — A man was arrested for DUI at Highway 196 East near mile-marker 22 at 2:03 a.m. after being stopped for a speed violation.

During the traffic stop, the officer reportedly found a marijuana cigarette while trying to find the suspect’s phone in his vehicle so the suspect could call someone to retrieve the SUV. The driver blew a .144 and .147 and was written a citation for DUI and speeding.

The suspect was turned over to the narcotics division.

Oct. 16

Simple battery — An officer responding to a hang-up call from the La Quinta Inn in Flemington found a woman who said she was in an altercation with another woman while visiting friends in another room. The other woman reportedly tried to attack the complainant several times, but the complainant’s husband intervened. She called the police to get authorities to escort her out of the hotel.

While police were on the scene, they ran the suspected aggressor’s name through Georgia Crime Information Center and found she was wanted by the Sylvania Police Department for a probation violation.

The suspect was taken into custody and placed on hold at the Liberty County Jail.

Oct. 17

Possession of a schedule-1 controlled substance — A Midway man was arrested on Main Trail in Fleming for possession of “a large amount of marijuana.”

The suspect initially was stopped for a traffic violation.

The evidence was turned over to the narcotics division and the man was arrested and booked.

Oct. 17

Theft by taking — The manager of a Liberty County convenience store called Liberty County Sheriff’s Department, asking to have a deputy watch two store videos of suspects taking cigarettes. The deputy reported seeing videos taken Oct. 15 and Oct. 17 in which two males entered the store.

As one man distracted the clerk with lottery-ticket purchases, the other slipped behind the counter and shoved cartons of cigarettes down the front of his pants.

In all, 21 cartons valued at $1,050 were taken. The manager told the deputy he recognizes one of the two suspects.

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