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Box at school turns out harmless
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Hinesville Police Department was alerted to a suspicious packageTuesday afternon that was placed on Bradwell Institute's baseball field.
The HPD switchboard received a call from a concerned soldier who had noticed a cardboard box resting on the diamond. The students were then evacuated to a safe part of the Bradwell campus as the police came in to investigate, HPD Detective Thomas Cribbs said.
“The police arrived and found the box with a book and cigarette lighter resting on top of it, and they called in the bomb squad,” he said. “The squad saw no danger, opened the box and just found a couple books and a bottle.”
The bomb squad concluded it was neither a bomb nor was it a package crafted to look like a bomb.
There were also reports of fights and a suspicious looking person on the Bradwell campus, but Cribbs believed those incidences were unrelated. 
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