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Car smashes into west Hinesville house
Law enforcement officers respond to a call Tuesday of a car smashing into a home in west Hinesville. No one was injured. A 75-year-old woman and her infant great-granddaughter were inside the home at the time of the incident. - photo by Photo by Seraine Page
A car smashed into a house on Highway 196 in west Hinesville shortly before 3 p.m. Thursday, tearing away a corner of the home’s kitchen and narrowly missing a woman and her great-granddaughter, who had been watching television in the living room.
Tony Maney, 45, who lives in the house with his mother, Shirley Maney, said he and his daughter, Amber Maney, 22, had been standing in the front yard waiting for Amber’s son’s school bus when he heard a screech.
Tony Maney said he looked up and saw a red Pontiac Grand Prix coming toward him. He grabbed his daughter’s arm and they ran between their house and a neighbor’s home.
“I didn’t know if we were going to make it,” Maney said of the pair’s dash to get out of the oncoming car’s path.
The Pontiac, driven by Candice Scobee, 23, hit the Maneys’ SUV, which was parked in front of their house, and careened into the front left side of the home, exposing the kitchen. The car eventually slammed into a fence and stopped about 300 feet from the road, Hinesville Fire Department Lt. James Woodward said.
Georgia State Patrol Trooper Sgt. Bruce DeLoach said Scobee lost control of the 2005 Pontiac when her tire began to wobble.
Shirley Maney, 75, and her infant granddaughter, Trulyn Grace, were in the living room when the car hit their house. Tony and Amber Maney and a neighbor who heard the commotion ran into the house and helped the elderly woman and the baby out. None of them were injured.
Scobee received a minor cut to her hand and was struck in the face with the air bag, but was not badly injured.
“It’s a miracle that nobody got hurt,” Woodward said.
Tony Maney said the Pontiac, which had been headed for the front of the house, lost momentum and was thrown off course when it hit the Maneys’ SUV. DeLoach said the vehicle also struck a sign post and guide wires before it came to a stop.
“If that truck hadn’t been sitting there, it would have been a totally different scene,” Maney said.

Courier correspondent Lewis Levine contributed to this report.

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