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Cash, beer taken during night burglary

Recent reports to Hinesville Police Department include:

Oct. 9
• Burglary — forced entry, residence — An officer was dispatched to a Deerwood Drive residence in response to a burglary at 10:23 p.m. The resident said he left his home around 6 p.m. and when he returned at 10 p.m., he found his front door wide open. He said he found a brick had been thrown through his master-bedroom window. Missing items included $300 taken from an entertainment center, $50 in loose change taken from the kitchen and a 12-pack of beer. The officer noted blood on the mini-blinds in the bedroom, indicating the suspect had injured himself while breaking in.
A witness told the investigating detective she noticed a black Mustang parked outside her neighbor’s residence and a male standing in the open doorway. Another witness recalled seeing two females standing on the man’s porch. He said he recognized one of them as a woman the man previously had been in a relationship with. The complainant also told police he’d found an open can of beer and a pair of roller blades with an ankle brace on the porch that were not his.

Oct. 15
• Damage to property — A man reported his car was damaged in Walmart’s parking lot. The complainant said that prior to his visit to the store, he had not observed any damage to his passenger-side front bumper. He said he noticed the damage after returning to his Link Street home, not in the parking lot because he never stepped to the passenger side of the car.
According to the responding officer’s report, the bumper looked like it had been pushed down from the frame but still was attached to the car. The officer didn’t see any evidence indicating an impact with another vehicle.
The officer asked if the man had a receipt from Walmart for the day of his visit so he could verify the date and time of the incident with surveillance video of the parking lot. The man said he couldn’t find the receipt. The officer went to the store to review video based on the date and time provided by the man, but the video did not capture the man’s car.

• Theft by shoplifting — Two alleged shoplifters were reported at Walmart in Hinesville. One of the men was arrested for wearing a hat into the store that he reportedly had stolen the week before. The store’s security officer showed the police video footage of the man taking the hat off the shelf, ripping the tag off and placing the hat on his head before walking out of the store. The officer verified that the man in the video was the same man who revisited the store. He allegedly returned with another man who also tried to steal a hat.

Oct. 16
• Dog bite, animal vs. animal — A woman reported she was out walking her dog around her Richmond Lane residence when a feral cat jumped out from behind a bush. The cat startled her dog, which lunged at the cat, bit it in the stomach and killed it. Environmental health was notified and the woman was instructed on how to dispose of the dead cat and possibly place her dog in quarantine.

• Disorderly conduct — The facility manager of the Shuman Recreation Center reported an incident that occurred while a group of teenagers and adults were playing basketball. The manager said a fight broke out and the staff told those involved there was to be no fighting on the premises. The fight reportedly started when one of the men playing basketball allegedly punched a teenager in the face. The teenager’s cousin reportedly yelled at the man from the stands, “Don’t be doing my cousin like that,” which escalated the situation.
The staff was under the impression that a remark made by one person involved in the fray indicated someone was going to their car to possibly retrieve a weapon. During the police investigation, the teenager’s family said the teen had been instructed to get in his car and leave if something like that happens again. No weapons were found during the altercation.
• Found property — A Coastal Courier employee called police to report she had found a wallet in the rear parking lot area behind the office building. The wallet contained no money or ID cards inside other than a Medicare card and a Social Security card.

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