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Commercial burglary HPD blotters May 19
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April 28
Theft by shoplifting
Wal-Mart, Hinesville

Officer Jonathan Greer met with loss prevention officer Anthony Rogers at the store to discuss a possible theft over the weekend at the store. Rogers said he was investigating the possibility that several vehicle accessories were taken out of their boxes and removed from the store. He said except for a box that contained speakers all the empty boxes were put back on the shelf to make it appear nothing had occurred.

May 2
Theft by shoplifting
Driving with a suspended license
Possession of cocaine
Flash Foods 198, Hinesville

HPD officers were dispatched to the convenience store after a witness told the manager he saw a man tuck a bottle of what he thought was beer under his shirt and left the store without paying. While some officers met with the manager and witness to review tapes, others stopped a suspect and questioned him. The man said he didn't have any beer and a search showed that it was a bottle of Smirnoff malt liquor in his car, not beer. Officers reviewed the tape and found there was enough evidence to arrest the man. A search of his car then revealed another bottle of Smirnoff under the front seat and what the officers believed was a crack pipe. MACE was notified to test the white residue on the pipe. According to the incident report it tested positive for cocaine.

May 3
Disorderly conduct
Citi Trends, Hinesville

Officer Joseph de la Torre responded to a possible shoplifting call and met with a store employee. She pointed toward the suspect, who was now in the parking lot and the officer went to speak with the woman. The woman, her friends and sister returned to the store to cooperate. The employee said she watched the woman in the junior's department holding a pair of dark capri pants. She later saw the woman leave with a dark object folded over her purse. The officer saw the woman had a dark sweater draped over her purse when he spoke with her. The officer reviewed the tapes with the manager. There was inconclusive evidence the woman had committed a crime. Also the family consented to a search of the vehicle and no dark capri pants were found. All the women were released, except one who had become disorderly during the investigation. She was taken to HPD.

May 4
Robbery, business, gun
Hardee's, Hinesville

Officer Jason Andrews responded to a robbery call at Hardee's around 2:30 a.m. The officer met with an employee who said she had been startled when she saw a man inside the lobby. She said the doors are normally locked at midnight. She said that the man appeared to be drunk or on drugs. He walked toward her, brandished a silver, semi-automatic gun and allegedly demanded the money from the cash registers. The shift manager heard the commotion and ran to the front to help the employee. He then noticed the gun in the man's hand and they complied with the request and handed the man a brown bag with cash. They told the officers they were told to lay on the floor. The man reportedly ran out and got away in a black car. The employees reported the man got away with $450 in cash. The detective unit was called in to collect evidence.

May 5
Burglary, forced entry non-residence
Clothing store on E.G. Miles Parkway, Hinesville

Officer Ralph Tiesler was dispatched to a store regarding a burglary matter and spoke with the owner/manager. He said he left the store the previous evening and everything was in place. When he came back he noticed roughly 100 pairs of shoes, 75 shirts and a safe that belonged to a business associate were gone. The officer thinks the thief got in through a rear door that had not been secured properly. The items had an estimated value of $3,900. The case is being investigated.

May 5
Theft by shoplifting
Wal-Mart, Hinesville

Officer Dennis Poulsen met with loss prevention officer Mike Welter about a man Welter had detained when he tried to leave the store. Welter said he saw the man place different items into store bags as if they were already paid for. Welter said he saw the man push a cart into the front lobby before he detained him. The man said he was planning on paying for the items after getting something to eat from McDonalds.  The man was arrested and issued a court date.

May 6
Wal-Mart, Hinesville

Officer Donald Nunnally responded to call where a loss prevention officer was following two juveniles along Frank Cochran because they allegedly took video games from the store without paying. Loss prevention officer Anthony Rogers said he saw the juveniles pick up several video games, walk to the men's department, tuck the games under their shirts and leave the store. He said he followed them while other employees called 911. Officer Nunnally saw the boys and stopped them on a sidewalk nearby. As he approached, one of the boys ran off into the woods. Officers Jeffrey Liu and Jonathan Greer assisted in the boy's apprehension while Nunnally stayed with other boy. Police searched the surrounding area and found the video games. Both boys were processed and the Department of Juvenile Justice was notified.

May 11
Burglary, forced entry, non-residence
Tatianna's Fashions, Hinesville

HPD officer Victor Maldonado responded to a burglary call and met with the storeowner. She reported that someone had taken several racks of clothes, a cash register and custom jewelry. Maldonado noticed damage to the back door and notified the detective unit to complete the investigation.

May 12
Burglary, unlawful entry, business
Sonic, Hinesville

Officer William DeWitt met with the manager of Sonic's who reported an estimated $6,000 was taken. He said when he arrived at work in the morning he found the safe was not secured and the money missing.
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