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Coworkers' dispute prompts call to police

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Disorderly conduct: This reportedly happened Oct. 27 at a local dry cleaners.

"Upon arrival, contact was made with (the complainant) who advised that she and a coworker …. had gotten into an argument over (the complainant) removing (the coworker’s) cup from the microwave. During the course of the argument, (the coworker) made the statement that (the complainant) needed to watch her back. She stated that (the cowoker) then told their boss that he was ‘going to have to find another employee ’cause she (the complainant) was going to die tonight.’ (The complainant) stated that (the coworker) then took several pictures of her."

The officer then talked to the coworker, and her "statement about what instigated the argument was the same as (the complianant’s). However, she stated that (the complainant) said to her that she (the coworker) wouldn’t live to see tomorrow.’"

The officer talked to other employees, none of whom backed up either story. "They all said that the two have words with one another regularly and that they (the other coworkers) ignore them when they start arguing."

Both got case numbers, etc.

Theft: A Parkland Boulevard man reported Oct. 30 that "he had four 5 gallon and one 2.5 gallon red plastic gasoline containers, that were full, outside he front door. He saw them there at (9 p.m.) last night, but today when he went out at (2 p.m.) they were gone."

The man gave HPD the description of a man he saw parked in his driveway around 9 a.m. with the car’s hood up, but didn’t have a tag number.

Interference with public utility: An officer was sent to a Black Willow Drive address Monday morning because a city of Hinesville employee said someone had turned water back on at a residence after it had been turned off.

What’s more, "the meter had been taken off of the water valve," the report said. "When the water was turned back on there was no meter on the valve so the water had been running out of the valve … (and) had saturated the front yard and was running down the road past two houses and into the drain." Nobody knew how much water was wasted because the meter was gone.

The officer spotted tools next to the water valve cover in the front yard "which appeared to have been used to turn the water on."

Ultimately, it was deduced that the residents of the home, who recently came back to town, were responsible and would be charged with a tampering fee.

Prowling, obstruction: Around 2 a.m. Oct. 31, an officer responded to a call about a suspicious person "entering multiple automobiles at Summerwind Apartment complex," a report said, with the complainant describing a man wearing a red hat, gray hooded sweater and blue jeans.

Several officer showed up, and the reporting officer spotted a man "matching the description of the suspect, looking through the window of a red pickup truck. I noticed that the male was holding the front of his waste band which I associated to be an area known for holding weapons."

The officer drew his weapon and "ordered the male to show me his hands," but the man instead ran.

After a search, police managed to get hold of the man, who resisted arrest. They found a .45 caliber Sig Suer handgun in a pocket. Another searched showed only one unlocked vehicle had been entered by the man before police got there.

The man was taken to jail.

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