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Deputies find drugs and weapons during routine stop
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Reading recent headlines regarding being pulled over for having a taillight out, you'd think the criminal element would make sure all was working before hitting the road with drugs.
That was not the case Tuesday night when Liberty County Deputy Adam Denton spotted a gray Dodge Stratus with a taillight out. He pulled the vehicle over into the Kroger parking lot in Hinesville.
Denton noticed the back seat passengers were moving around inside the car as he walked up to speak to the driver. Because of the movement he flashed his flashlight into the back seat and saw one of the passengers holding what appeared to be marijuana on his lap.
Denton told everyone to sit still and called for back up.
Deputy Larry Bell arrived to assist and, while Denton briefed Bell, he noticed one of the passengers still moving about the back seat.
Denton drew his revolver and asked to see the man's hands. The passenger, later identified as George Lamond Bost of Savannah, flung his arms forward, tossing items toward the front of the car and causing a loud bang.
Fearing it may be a gun the deputies got everyone out of the car and handcuffed them.
The deputies searched the area where Bost tossed the items and found a napkin that had marijuana wrapped inside. They also discovered a 950,000-volt stun gun.
While being frisked the deputies found Bost had a lot of marijuana residue on him.
They also found a small plastic bag with a white powder believed to be cocaine in the back seat, where the other passenger, Rashaad Corey Keazer of Hinesville, had been seated. Under Keazer's floor mat was a rolled up dollar bill.
While Bost admitted to owning the marijuana, neither man would claim the cocaine.
Bost was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana (less than an ounce) and possession of a concealed weapon.
Keazer was charged with possession of cocaine.
Not having evidence against the driver or front seat passenger they were released at the scene.
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