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Disagreement doesn't stall out E-911 opening
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LUDOWICI -- According to Long County Commissioner David Richardson, the start-up date for the Long County/McIntosh County Wiregrass E-911 Project is still on schedule.
“Despite what has been reported, the E-911 plan is still a go, and right on schedule,” Richardson said.
According to a recent news report, the January 2010 starting date was in limbo because of a disagreement in McIntosh County about whether to appoint a black person to the five-member authority board, which will oversee the center’s operations.
According to this report, McIntosh County commissioners Nathaniel Grovner and Charles Jordan objected to appointing a second person from their county at the Aug. 9 meeting. They said qualified black applicants were not being considered.
On Aug. 27, McIntosh County Manager Luther Smart said the disagreement wouldn’t push back the center’s opening date.
“We are still on schedule. There might be a week or two delay as a result of us putting out for a RFP (request for proposal), but we are still planning on being in operations in January,” he said.
Currently, the four members on the board are Ken Johnson, appointed by McIntosh County; Anne Aldridge, appointed by Rep. Roger Lane of District 167; Mike McGowan and Richardson, who were appointed by Long County.
The E-911 project is a joint venture between Long and McIntosh counties.  
According to Smart, the Wiregrass Communication Center will eventually employ an estimated 13 employees, with 6 coming from Long, 6 from McIntosh, and one director who will be hired at large.

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