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Dog bites man on the lip
Hinesville PD blotter for Jan. 11

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Theft: An officer was sent to Lowes around 7 p.m. regarding an entering auto. There, he talked to an employee, who said “he believed someone stole a Marko Drain Snake ($2,500) plumbing tool from the bed of his pickup … between (3 and 6 p.m.).”  The man got a case number.

Dog bite: A Strickland Drive man reported Dec. 30 he was helping his neighbor corral her dog, which was loose in his front yard when “he was bit on the lip by the dog.”

The man said he knew the dog, a small mixed breed weighing 18 pounds, didn’t mean it and he called 911 so he could get medical treatment. EMS showed up and treated him.

The woman said the dog’s shots were up to date.

Simple battery: Police were sent to the Capt. D’s on Gen. Screven Way around 4 p.m. Dec. 31 regarding a “physical domestic in progress.” The reporting officer said when he got there he spoke to a store manager, who said a man had assaulted a woman in the “drive through line.” The car was already gone, but the employee gave the officer a description of the car and the Florida tag number.

“(The manager) stated his employee … notified him of a man beating on a female in the drive through and when he came up front he saw a black male on top of the female on the passenger side of the vehicle. (The manager) said he told the male ‘you better get off her,’ (he) then went outside the back door and obtained the vehicle tag.”

The employee told police the man and woman were outside the car on the passenger side when the incident happened. She said the woman got back in the car and left with the man.

The tag came back to a different kind of car. The information was sent out to other agencies.

Entering auto, theft: Police were sent to Stewart Pines Apartments around 4 a.m. Dec. 30 regarding someone breaking into cars. One officer was told by a resident she heard a noise, looked out of a window saw a man running away from nearby parked cars and throwing an object over a fence.

Another officer found a 2010 Dodge with a front passenger window “busted out with two ten pound weights and a spring clip used to hold weights on a weight bar under the glass on the ground.”

The officer knocked on the apartment matching up with the parking spot number and the woman who answered said the car belonged to her son, who was at work at Walmart at the moment. That officer went to the man’s jobsite to tell him his car had been broken into.

Another officer spoke to the man’s sister, and she said her purse was taken from beneath the seat of the vehicle.

What’s more, the witness said she found the bar that the weights went to after she saw the suspect throw something. The bar matched the weights found near the vehicle, etc. A detective arrived, took some photos and then found weights matching those used to break into the car on the patio of another apartment. They knocked on that apartment, found out the man was missing some weights, and gave them back to him.

Entering auto: A man reported Dec. 30 someone broke into his car while it was parked at his Ridgewood Way address. The man said whoever it was used a brick to bust his passenger side window and swipe his wallet, because he found the brick on the floorboard. He was busy cancelling his credit card when police arrived, and he suggested “he was going through a divorce with his wife … and although she lives in another state, she may have someone locally do this to his vehicle,” the report said.

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