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Domestic dispute turns violent
Hinesville PD blotters for Nov. 12

Recent reports to Hinesville Police include:

Oct. 29
• Aggravated assault/battery/home invasion — An officer responded to a domestic-dispute call at an apartment on South Main Street. When the officer knocked on the door, it swung open. The officer saw a man approaching a woman with closed fists. The officer separated them and escorted the man outside. He observed several injuries around the woman’s face and neck and dispatched EMS to the scene.
The woman said the man, her ex-boyfriend, had shown up at her door and forced his way in when she opened it. She said she followed him as he went into the bedroom, at which point he began beating and choking her. She said that although they used to live together, he does not reside at the apartment. She said she also had a protective order against him but canceled it.
The man said that he did live at the apartment with her, and that he did not know how she received her injuries. He said that she had let him in and then began scratching him and accusing him of cheating. The man was arrested for battery and aggravated assault.
• Felony shoplifting — A man attempting to steal three cans of beer from Kroger was confronted by a store employee who observed the suspect putting two cans in his pockets. The complainant said he approached the suspect, who returned the two cans of beer and then left the store. The complainant was unaware of the third can, though, and authorities recovered it after apprehending the suspect in the parking lot between shopping centers near the exit to South Main Street. The suspect was arrested and charged with felony shoplifting.

Oct. 30
• Suspicious acts — A woman found a note that was left on her porch under a rock at her Brantley Drive residence. The note depicted a stick drawing with the words “I’m being raped” on it. The woman said she does not know who left the note, but will report any more information to the authorities.

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