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Drug activity high in Walthourville
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Liberty County Deputy Travis Palmer had a busy night last Sunday in Walthourville, making two arrests on drug related charges within two hours.
While patrolling Griffin Road on Feb. 10, Palmer first saw a green truck that had it's tag light out and stopped the truck.
According to an LCSO incident report, the deputy asked the driver, Thomas P. Golden of Midway, for his driver's license and registration. Palmer also questioned Golden if he had any drugs, open containers or weapons in the truck.
Golden, not understanding why he was asked about the drugs and weapons, became nervous. After Palmer explained that his question was common, Golden denied Palmer consent to search his vehicle.
Palmer then asked Golden if he was currently on probation or parole and Golden admitted he was on parole and gave the name of his parole officer.
About this time Deputies Shane Brazier and Steven Wingate arrived as backup. While calling Golden's parole officer, Golden allegedly put the truck in gear and sped away.
Brazier led the chase with Wingate and Palmer quickly behind. When Golden got into Long County he jumped out of the moving vehicle and was seen throwing a plastic container.
The deputies caught up with Golden who was Tased into submission and arrested.
The deputies found the container, which allegedly contained cocaine.  Golden was charged with trafficking cocaine, fleeing and attempting to elude, obstruction of law enforcement and tag light required.
Back on patrol at Griffin Road a couple hours later, Palmer pulled over another car that also had its tag light out. While Palmer talked to the driver, Joel Manibusan of Ludowici, Wingate, who was assisting Palmer, noticed a bat and knife on the floorboard in the passenger's side of the car.
Manibusan was asked to get out and questioned about weapons. He said he had none and consented to a vehicle search.
According to the report Wingate searched the vehicle and Palmer noticed the driver kept placing his hands in his pocket. Palmer asked if he was carrying any weapons or drugs and Manibusan said no.
Deputy Palmer then frisked Manibusan and found a small bag of marijuana in his pocket.
He was charged with possession of marijuana less than an ounce and tag light required.
These two arrests are among a rash of drug related activities and searches in the city of Walthourville within the last three weeks. A look at recent incident reports from the Liberty County Sheriff's office and information received from the Multi Agency Crack Enforcement Drug Task Force showed that of the reports obtained, between Jan. 17 and Feb. 10, at least nine different arrests were made inside the city limits. Specifically within the area of Arnold Drive, Griffin Road, Carter Road, Hillayrd Park and Shaw Road.
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