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Drug arrest at apartments draws crowd
Hinesville PD blotters for Nov. 19

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Oct. 30
Narcotics investigation: The Hinesville Narcotics Unit received a request from Fort Stewart’s Criminal Investigation Department to assist in investigation of a package containing LSD and methamphetamine that was intended for delivery in Hinesville. The package was intercepted by Homeland Security Investigations and Customs and Border Patrol in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The contraband was seized, and it was determined that the quantities were not large enough to warrant further action. The Hinesville officers will monitor the individual the package was intended for.

Nov. 3
Simple battery: A man came to HPD to report that his boss punched him after he accidentally knocked a piece off a vehicle he was cleaning. He said the man hit him in the jaw, knocking him to the ground. He said his boss then continued hitting him while he was on the ground.

Aggravated assault: A woman was driving on Veteran’s Parkway when a vehicle pulled in front of her and stopped. The woman stopped in order to avoid a collision. She identified the driver of the vehicle as her husband, whom she said got out, approached her and she opened her door. She said he then grabbed her around the neck with both hands and began choking her. She said as he choked her, he berated her about being unfaithful and called her expletives. She said he finally let go and drove off. The woman was treated for injuries at Liberty Regional Medical Center.

Theft by deception: A man came to HPD to report a fraud. He said he was contacted by a man claiming to work for the Federal Reserve. He said the man told him that since he was a good citizen of Georgia, the Federal Reserve wanted to give him a grant of $10,000. The man said that because it was such a large amount, the complainant would need to send $220 by way of Green Dot card for a wire transfer. The complainant purchased the card, then called the man back and gave him the card number. The complainant later received another call from the man, stating that he needed two more Green Dot cards — one for $100 and one for $500. The complainant purchased both cards and gave the man the card numbers.

Nov. 4
No driver’s license: A man was stopped near South Main and Deen streets for traveling 36 mph in a 25 mph school zone. When the officer asked the driver for his license, he said he didn’t have one. A check of the man’s ID through the Georgia Crime Information Center revealed that the driver was, in fact, unlicensed. He was arrested and cited for speeding and driving without a license.

Suspicious acts/possession of marijuana: An officer patrolling behind Tech Wood Court noticed a car trying to drive into a wooded area. As the officer drove out of the wooded area, the other vehicle’s driver noticed the officer and began backing up. The officer stopped the car because of the suspicious behavior. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer smelled marijuana, and the driver informed him that he and his two passengers had just finished smoking a blunt. The driver also told the officer he had some marijuana on him and turned it over to the officer on request. The officer then searched the vehicle and found a digital scale along with a container with marijuana residue. No arrests were made.

Simple battery: An officer was dispatched to a domestic dispute at a residence on E.G. Miles Parkway. The complainant said she was moving her belongings into her new trailer when the suspect arrived and started arguing with her. She did not want him to come in her new trailer. The complainant’s friend, who was helping her move, said he saw the suspect punch the complainant in the forehead. The complainant said the suspect grabbed her by the hair and tossed her around. The suspect was arrested for an outstanding warrant on an alleged probation violation.

Nov. 5
Theft by taking: A woman reported her wristwatch stolen from her hospital room at Liberty Regional Medical Center. She said she had taken it off in order to have an IV placed in her arm, and thought she’d placed in on her bedside table. She said that she was on medication, which caused her to be “out of it.” Nurses helped her look for the watch, but they were unable to find it.

Entering an auto: A man reported his car was broken into at his apartment on Rolland Street. He said he locked the car the night before, then discovered the passenger door wide-open the next morning. He said items had been moved from the glove box to the passenger seat. He reported nothing missing except an insurance card and the vehicle’s registration.

Hit and run: A woman reported that her car had been hit while parked in the YMCA parking lot on Mary Lou Drive. The vehicle sustained damage to the front bumper and hood. The damage was consistent with a truck’s lowered tailgate striking the bumper and sliding up the hood. No witnesses to the incident could be found.

Suspicious act: A woman came to HPD to report a threatening text message. The woman said that she’d received a text message from a co-worker that said, in part, “Well I’m going to tell you this. Keep my name out of your big mouth because you don’t want any of this.” The woman said she was advised by her employer to make a report through the police department.

Nov. 6
Possession of marijuana/obstruction: Three HPD officers were patrolling the Northgate area of Veterans Parkway on foot. Several narcotics-related incidents had occurred in the area over the past several weeks. The officers saw at least seven individuals in a breezeway listening to music, dancing and playing cards. One officer saw a member of the group licking what appeared to be a marijuana cigarette, then heating the object with a lighter in a manner consistent with marijuana use. The officer approached the group and the man dropped the marijuana blunt to the ground. The officer grabbed the man’s hands and advised him to sit down, but the man resisted. Another officer then arrived and assisted in detaining the man. Another group member then threw two small, white plastic bags to a woman who was sitting on the staircase. The officer suspected the bags to contain marijuana, given the man’s known history and the scenario. The officer then tried to detain the man, but he resisted. The officer also instructed the woman on the stairs to not move and not dig into her purse, but she did not comply. The officer said that by that time, approximately 15 individuals were surrounding him and the other officer. The two officers were trying to subdue the crowd, but one woman kept pushing forward. After repeatedly ignoring commands to step back, the officer used pepper spray on the woman. EMS later arrived and treated the woman. The two men and the woman from the staircase were arrested and charged with obstruction, underage consumption of alcohol and possession of marijuana.

Simple battery: A teacher at Bradwell Institute reported that a student was misbehaving while in in-school suspension. He said the student would not listen to his instructions and asked him to step into the hall where they met with the principal. As the teacher was explaining the situation to the principal, the student tried to force his way back into the classroom by pushing the teacher, using his forearm in the teacher’s chest.

No driver’s license/speeding: A woman was pulled over on South Main near Deen Street for speeding in a school zone. The driver was traveling at 41 mph through the 25 mph zone. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer requested to see the driver’s license. She handed the officer a Georgia ID card. The officer asked her if she was licensed, and she said yes. A check of the Georgia Crime Information Center revealed that she was not licensed. She was arrested and cited for speeding and driving without a license.

Nov. 7
Failure to obey traffic control device: A man who failed to stop at traffic light at the intersection of West Hendry and Gen. Screven Way was pulled over. Upon approaching the vehicle, the officer smelled alcohol, and asked the driver if he’d been drinking. The man said he had. The officer conducted a field sobriety test before reading the implied consent law. The man consented to a breath-alcohol test. The test indicated his BAC to be 0.05 percent. The man was issued a citation for failure to obey a traffic control device and released.

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