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Easter egg hunt safety tips
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Every year millions of children are on a quest to find their brilliantly decorated Easter eggs, candy and whatnots. As parents we can’t help but give our children a little better challenge each year, sometimes not thinking of the “safety factor.”
So before you start getting out your 24-foot extension ladder or unscrewing that 100 watt light bulb and replacing it with an egg, Mr. No-No the No. 1 proactive safety character in America has a couple of great safety tips that can help you have a fun and safe Easter.
Tips apply to both inside and outside, but they have been broken down into two primary categories.
If inside:
• Do not hide eggs near an electrical outlet or plugs.
• Do not hide eggs in light sockets
• Do not hide eggs in, on, under or around glass.
• Keep eggs at or below eye level of the children.
• Keep count and track of the eggs you hid.
If outside:
• Do not hide eggs in pre-existing holes in the ground or trees.
• Do not hide eggs in any foliage that has thorns, look potential dangerous or poisonous. (Rule of thumb: before you put eggs in foliage, make sure you know it by name).
• Do not hide eggs in any animal’s home, food bowl or play area.
• If grass, foliage or anywhere pesticides or poisons have been dispersed, do not put eggs there
• Eggs that shows cracks or damage, throw away
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