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Employee complains of sexual harassment
Hinesville PD blotters for Oct. 1

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

Sept. 14
• Cruelty to a child/simple battery — An officer was dispatched to a Peacock Trail home in reference to a domestic dispute. A 7-year-old stated her parents were fighting and that she was afraid. When the officer spoke to the mother, she said that her boyfriend had choked her and would not allow their daughter to leave with her. The officer made contact with the boyfriend, who said he also was a police officer and that he “knew his rights” before locking himself inside the home. The officer told the man that he could not prevent the child from going with her mother.

Sept. 15
• Theft by taking — A Hinesville resident reported her bike as stolen from her property on Eagan Road. The complainant said the bike was unsecured outside her residence. She also said she chased the offender onto Pixie Lane, until he disappeared into the woods. She described him as a 15- to 16-year-old black male with a blue and orange backpack.
• Sexual battery — A Hinesville Subway employee filed a complaint against her manager, who she said brushed past her and inappropriately touched her as she worked at a counter. She told the officer that the restaurant had become a hostile work environment, with the manager consistently talking down to her and making kissing noises at her. The officer watched surveillance tape of the incident and saw that the manager did make contact with the employee; however, the officer was unable to determine if the contact was intentional or not.
• Burglary/attempted forced entry — An officer responded to an alarm on Ringneck Way. The complainant’s neighbor said she saw a man wearing a red ball cap and a maintenance uniform pull into the complainant’s driveway in a brown SUV with a tan stripe on the bottom. He exited the vehicle and attempted to enter the residence by ramming his shoulder into the door. The neighbor said that the man then went back to his vehicle and returned with a crowbar, which he used to try and pry the door open. When the man was unable to break into the home, he returned to his vehicle and drove away.
• Burglary/no forced entry — An officer was dispatched to an auto-repair shop on Hearn Road in reference to a burglary. Although there were no signs of forced entry, multiple items were missing, including an iPad, $95 in cash and a money bag.
• Child abuse — An officer was dispatched to Lyman Hall Elementary in reference to possible child abuse. A school administrator said a student talked to her about incidents that occurred at home. The child told her she was afraid to go home because her mother often hits her or spanks her with a belt. The child also said that her mother told her if she ever told anyone about the physical discipline, she would beat her with an extension cord. The child also had a bruise on one of her legs. The Division of Family and Children Services was notified.

Sept. 16
• Simple battery — The complainant called the police after an argument with her boyfriend, who she said became irate when he learned she had been talking to her ex-husband. She said that he yelled at her and grabbed her by the neck. The officer saw scratch marks on the complainant’s neck. The boyfriend said he attempted to talk to the complainant after finding out about her communication with her ex-husband, but she had been drinking and an argument ensued. He said he grabbed her alcohol and poured it out, but said he did not put his hands on her at any point.

Sept. 20
• Stalking — A Hinesville woman called HPD to complain that a previous she had filed about a Huckleberry Lane resident following her was being ignored. She said she stopped at a traffic light on Hendry Street as she drove her 15-year-old daughter to soccer practice. The man she previously complained about pulled up next to her and began yelling profanities in front of her daughter. She yelled back at him to stop, then headed toward James Brown Park when the light changed.
On her way back, she saw the man in the oncoming lane. After he passed her, he made a U-turn and followed her as she headed straight to the police department. While there, she saw the man drive by HPD twice. The officer’s report noted that just prior to his filing his report, a new report was called in that the man had followed her to McDonald’s and CVS.
• Simple Battery — A Hinesville man called HPD claiming to have been slapped by his girlfriend’s mother after he had an argument with his girlfriend. While driving, an argument broke out among the three of them about the boyfriend calling another woman, which made the women angry. The girlfriend said she grabbed the man’s phone and asked him why he was calling the other woman. He took the phone back and slapped her in the face. The mother slapped him. The girlfriend stopped the car in the road, and he snatched the keys from the ignition and threw them, telling her to “go fetch.” She said she got out to go find the keys and he walked away.

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