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Employee suspected of theft from agency

Reports recently filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

March 25:
Trespassing, disrupting school – A student at Coastal Academy was suspended for smoking on campus but instead of leaving campus quietly he went into a rage, tore a sign off a brick pillar in front of the school and starting throwing the sign around. Staff members were reluctant to try to calm the student because of his actions so police were called. The responding officer said that by the time he arrived, the student had calmed and was sitting by the office. The student’s father had also been called and the student was released to him.

Attempted suicide – An officer was sent to be the first person to deal with a woman who was trying to kill herself. When he arrived the woman was speaking to a counselor, who had apparently notified authorities. “She was bleeding heavily from cuts on her life arm.” He asked what she had cut herself with and she told him. “I then picked up the broken piece of shaving razor and placed it on a table across the room.” Fire/rescue and EMT arrived and helped get the victim to a Savannah hospital for treatment and evaluation.

March 24
Credit card fraud – A local man discovered he had an unpaid credit card bill with Sam’s Club when he was applying for a mortgage. He said he had applied for a store credit card last fall because it offered a $40 incentive. He said he never received it, though it apparently was delivered to an earlier address. He didn’t think about it because the card was not needed. Someone, however, got it from that address and ran up a $225 bill at Sam’s. The officer gave the case number to the man and forwarded the investigation to the detective division.

Credit card fraud – This fraud was apparently perpetrated on a local restaurant. Two employees told the officer they were informed by a credit card company that two of the restaurants’ transactions had not been allowed because the card used had been cancelled. They went to the home were the food was delivered in mid-January, but were told they could not see the card. The employee who delivered one of the meals said a different person than who answered the door had accepted and paid for the meal. Total loss was about $40. They employees got a case number and the investigation was turned over to detectives.

Theft by taking – An insurance agency owner reported that one of his employees had been stealing payments from customers. The employee had worked for the agency three months. The owner said he started seeing discrepancies between receipts and bank deposits. When he audited two weeks of transactions, more than $1,400 was missing. He said he noticed more lavish living by the employee such as buying wigs and taking extra days off. “This shows how she has extra money and we are missing money.” The owner said he planned an audit of the time the employee worked for him. The officer told him what procedures would follow.

Damage to property, larceny from mail – A store manager reported they had found a pile of ripped up mail addressed to the store on the step into the business that morning. It was torn in half and soaked from rain. It was presumed it came from the store’s mailbox. The ripped up items included a $500 check from one of the store’s customers. The owner was unsure if any mail was missing, though he assumed some was because of how little was in the pile. The officer reported no witnesses or evidence could be found.

Suspicious acts – A soldier reported that when he was leaving for post about 5:30 a.m. he found a letter on the windshield of his car. It contained racial remarks directed at him and his company commander. He said he had not seen the letter when he was outside about 10 the night before. He told the officer he had not heard anyone near his home the night before and did not anyone who would have put the letter on his car. The officer told the soldier his house could be added to HPD’s check list and suggested that he install security cameras.

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