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Escapee still on the lam
shorell brown
A jail booking mug shot shows Shorell Brown with short hair and trimmed beard. - photo by Photo provided.

The Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and the United States Marshals Service still are seeking a man who escaped last week from the Liberty County Jail.
Authorities reported Aug. 15 that Shorell Brown, 30, of Midway, had escaped from custody and was considered armed and dangerous.
Liberty County Sheriff Steve Sikes said Tuesday that there was no evidence to indicate that Brown was armed at the time of his escape.
“I think that’s just a precaution because of his aggravated-assault charge,” Sikes said.
Brown, who reportedly was awaiting transfer to state prison, has been convicted of burglary, false imprisonment and assault, and was sentenced to serve up to 13 years.
“I know it was not discovered immediately that he was missing, and I’m making some adjustments … there is some disciplinary action being taken,” Sikes added. He did not go into disciplinary or personnel specifics.
Brown reportedly escaped the facility with help from two men also in custody.
“Two of his inmate buddies lifted him up,” over the block wall that surrounds the recreation yard where the inmates play basketball, Sikes said. Brown reportedly slipped between the top of the wall and razor wire that hangs over it.
Those men, whose names Sikes declined to release, now are facing aiding and abetting charges.
“The wall is getting taller as we speak,” he said, adding that the county engineer is in the process of determining how much more height the existing wall can withhold.
In the meantime, the recreation yard is closed, Sikes said.
“The U.S. Marshals have assured me that they’re working a good lead,” Sikes said. “But we’re still looking here in Liberty County as hard as we can, too. Every resource available to us, we’re using.”
Anyone with information should call 911 or the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office at 876-4555.

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