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Exotic dancer assaulted by others
Liberty County Sheriff's blotter for Sept. 9
crime scene

Here are some recent reports filed with the Liberty County Sheriff's Office:

Aug. 12 Driving with suspended or revoked license — A deputy was traveling behind a black Dodge Neon and ran a tag check. The deputy learned the vehicle’s driver license was suspended. The man was arrested and his car was towed.

DUI/texting while driving/weaving — A deputy stopped a vehicle for failing to maintain its lane and noticed the driver had bloodshot eyes and looked drunk. The man told the deputy he was weaving across the road because he was reading and trying to respond to a text message. He also admitted he had two beers about an hour earlier. The deputy had the man exit the car and conducted a field sobriety test.
During the walk-and-turn test, the man stumbled three times and had to hold on to his car to maintain his balance. During the one-leg stance, he had to put his foot down several times and was unstable. Later, the deputy administered a breath test, which tested at .138 and .145, both above the legal limit. The man was arrested.

Battery — An exotic dancer from the Silver Dollar Lounge said she was attacked by another dancer. The woman said she got a ride from a friend to a convenience store on Leroy Coffer Road.
While she was shopping, she noticed one of the other dancers arrive. The other dancer then left briefly, but soon returned with yet another dancer from the club and confronted the dancer inside the store.
The complainant said the first dancer later scratched her throat.
The deputy said the woman did have marks on her throat. The woman said she thought the other dancers were upset because she called them prostitutes.
A witness at the store verified the incident and provided the injured dancer a ride to the police department to file the report.

Dog bite — A woman filed a report saying her dog was bitten by her neighbor’s dog because he constantly lets him run loose, which is against the law. The woman said the dog’s owner was riding around on his golf cart with his dog running next to him. She was standing outside her home with her dog in her yard. The loose dog came running into her yard and bit her dog.

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