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Flushed pills prompt couple's fight
Burglary, 'knock-out' game also investigated

Missing pills recently prompted an argument between a Long County couple, which eventually required authorities to intervene.
Ludowici Police Department Chief Robert Poppell said that on Jan. 23, a man contacted the police and claimed his wife had texted him and asked if she could have some of his medication. The complainant told his wife she could not, but later discovered that some of his pills were missing.  
Poppell said one of his officers contacted the man’s wife about the missing medication. The wife said she stole the pills, but flushed them down a toilet because her husband abuses them. Once all parties calmed down, the husband decided that he did not want to press charges, according to the chief.

Knock-out game incident
Poppell said that on Jan. 26, one of his officers responded to a call from a man at the car wash on North McDonald Street. He said that the complainant wanted to speak with some juveniles who he claimed had beaten up his son earlier in the week at the Long County Recreation Department. The incident reportedly stemmed from a “knock-out”-type game that got out of hand. The “knock-out” game has different variations across the country, but it usually involved one person striking another person in an effort to induce unconsciousness, the chief said.
The son of the man apparently hit another boy firs, and then was assaulted, Poppell said. The case was turned over to student resource officer Bruce Green for further investigation.

Information on burglary sought
Officers responded Jan. 29 to a report of a break-in that occurred just before 4 p.m. on Glover Lane. Poppell said that the intruder removed the air-conditioning unit and crawled through a window. The suspect then vandalized a television and computer screen by breaking the glass on both appliances. The complainant said nothing was stolen, nor was anything else in the home damaged.
Poppell said that anyone who has information on this burglary should call the LPD at 545-2222.

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