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Four more burglaries in Ludowici
Police look for links to other crimes
LONG genuladi studies evidence
Ludowici Police Department Investigator Sal Genualdi examines a partial finger print taken from a break-in crime scene. - photo by Photo by Mike Riddle
Four burglaries recently occured in Ludowici, according to Ludowici Police Department Investigator Sal Genualdi.
Genualdi said that on the night of Sept. 22 or early morning Sept. 23, Elysium Graphics, Town and Country Flowers and Boutique, the Ludowici Church of God and Faith Baptist Christian Academy were all broken into.
Genualdi said officials think the suspect or suspects were looking to steal cash.
One of the businesses had its cash register removed and more than $1,000 was missing.
Including the four most recent incidents, the total break-ins in Ludowici during the past six weeks has risen to 10, according to LPD Chief Richard Robertson.
Robertson said the Sept. 22-23 burglaries appear to be linked, but he is not sure the person or people who commited the crimes are the same people responsible for the earlier break-ins.
“There are several similarities about these four, but the ones that happened last month are a little different,” Robertson said.
The chief would not elaborate on the discrepancies in the crimes because he did not want to jeopardize the ongoing investigations.
Robertson said he and his department are doing all they can to solve the crimes, and trying to prevent future ones. He recommends businesses install alarm systems for protection.
“Alarms don’t cost that much any more and they are well worth what they cost,” the chief said. “They can help prevent a burglary and also help us catch someone in the middle of a break-in.”
Robertson also said businesses and churches shouldn’t leave any money on the property overnight.
“Its just not a good idea to leave money there. If someone needs us to, we will come escort them to the bank, if they want to make a deposit late at night,” he said.
Robertson said the longer a burglary goes unsolved, the harder it becomes to solve.
If anyone has any information on these break-ins or other crimes in Ludowici, call 545-2222. All tips are confidential.
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