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Grandparents targeted in scam
SCAM Alert

A recurring scam has apparently reared its ugly head in the area.

Former Liberty County Commissioner Pat White, who has also championed senior citizens causes, reports that Monday morning she received a call.

“The caller said, ‘grandma?’ I said, ‘who?’ And he said ‘grandma, don’t you recognize my voice,” White said, recounting the call.

Not having any grandchildren, she said she realized it was a scam where the caller would try to convince her that one of her grandchildren was in trouble and needed money sent somewhere quickly.

Unfortunately, she said, the scammers prey on older residents who may have grandchildren and be too embarrassed to admit they don’t recognize one of their voices. They picked the wrong person Monday.

“I read him the riot act,” White said.

She then called authorities to alert them, and the Courier to get the word out so that other seniors will know someone is making the calls to this area.

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