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Hinesville PD blotter for Aug. 22

Recent reports filed with the Hinesville Police Department include:

July 31
Suspicious acts — An officer was dispatched to the police department in reference to a walk-in.
Earlier, the complainant received a phone call from a man named “Mr. Belly,” who told her she had won $3 million and a new Mercedes Benz, and that all she had to do was call another number to claim her prize.
However, she hung up before giving the man any information. Someone from the same number called again that day with the same news. She didn’t give any information then, either.
Aug. 2
Robbery — A man walked into the Hinesville Police Department because of an alleged robbery that happened on South Main Street. He said two men walked toward him as he was walking on the sidewalk and demanded money. He pulled out his wallet and gave them $743. He was not threatened with any weapons.
The only description he was able to give about the men was that one was short and the other was tall, and both wore dark clothing.

Aug. 4
Armed robbery, business — Two officers went to the Clyde’s Market on South Main Street because of an armed robbery. The complainant is a friend of the clerk who was working the register during the robbery.
The complainant was with the clerk to keep her company when a man dressed in all black with his face concealed came in and pointed a gun at them. He demanded they give him money from the register. The clerk ran to the back room, while her friend gave him the register tray. However, the robber didn’t take anything because it was just change.
The complainant saw him run out of the store in the direction of Liberty Woods. The officers arrived with a K-9 that tracked the suspect’s steps until they got to the Walmart parking lot.
Aug. 5
Vehicle damage — At the police department, a man reported hit-and-run damage to his car. He said it happened while he was shopping at Food Lion. There was a dent, a white-paint transfer and cuts in the bumper.
However, officers were unable to determine the cause of the damage or where it happened.

Suspicious acts — An officer responded in the area of Shady Grove Mobile Home Park when a woman called saying she was a passenger in a red SUV and the driver would not let her out. The officer spoke to the driver, who said he picked up the woman and her friend and brought them to his friend’s house.
The women got upset while there, so they took the man’s hat and demanded he drive them home. The driver said he told them that he needed gas money to give them a ride. He also took the woman’s hat. After that, the women left the house on foot.
The man said he drove down Kelly Drive and found the girls. They got back into his car, but then they called 911, claiming that he was kidnapping them, so he stopped the car until the officer arrived.
However, the women’s account differed. They said they went over to the friend’s house and asked the driver for a ride home. He reportedly told them that they had to have sex with his friend first. They didn’t want to do that, so they took his hat. He then took one of their hats.
The women said they left on foot, but the man drove to them and said he would give them a ride. They got into his car, but then called 911 because he wasn’t taking them home.
After the officer spoke with everyone, the women decided to get back into the man’s car, and they left.

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