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Hinesville PD blotter for Feb. 24
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Feb. 1: Obstruction/public drunk — A Fort Stewart man told police he lost his driver’s license at a local sports bar/pool hall and could not get onto Fort Stewart without it. He complained that a sheriff’s deputy who was working security would not help him find his license.
The officer went inside the bar to speak with the security guard. Both tried to help the man find his license but had no luck. When the officer told the man his license was nowhere to be found, the man got upset and demanded to speak to a supervisor.
While waiting for a supervisor, the officer asked the man for information to include in his police report. The man cursed at the officer and refused to answer any questions. The officer then took the man into custody.
Upon arrival at the police station, the man complained of an ankle injury. EMS was called. Workers checked the man’s ankle and cleared him of injury.
The man still refused to provide any information or sign the citations and was released to military police.

Battery — When a police officer arrived at a local hospital, a Kelly Drive woman told him that she had been hit with a glass object. The woman said she had gotten into a fight with another woman outside a bar. The officer went back to the establishment but could not find evidence of any broken glass.

Feb. 2
Suicide threats — An Eastman, Ga., man threatened to kill himself outside a store on Oglethorpe Highway. Police found the man sitting on some pallets outside the store. The man said he had been working for a visiting circus for $20 a day, plus free room and board, but he had been fired the night before.
He said he could not take care of himself or his mother and would be better off dead. The man told officers he was a Marine Corps veteran but could not get assistance from the Veterans Administration due to his discharge status.
Officers found a pocket knife on the man, and he was transported to a local hospital for evaluation.

Criminal trespass — A Bradwell Street woman told police she heard a noise outside her bedroom window and then the sound of glass breaking. She said she didn’t see anyone when she looked outside.
The responding officer found a broken window in the home, and he discovered bloody glass outside on the ground, but he could not determine what broke the window.
He asked dispatch to alert him if anyone showed up at a hospital with cuts to the arm or head. Later that night, a Bradwell Street man showed up at a hospital with cuts to his arm.
The officer spoke with the man, who admitted to punching the window with his fist because he was upset over the death of his aunt. He told police he went to punch the wall and didn’t realize the window was there. The man promised to pay for the damaged window.

Stalking/suspicious acts — A Bacon Road woman told police her soon-to-be ex-husband had placed photos of her on a Craigslist ad page titled “casual encounters.” She said she began getting text messages from men interested in the ad. The woman said her soon-to-be ex also was texting her often, and she asked him to only contact her regarding their children and his visitation.

Feb. 3
Entering automobile — A South Main Street man told police when he locked his vehicle at 5 p.m., everything was in order. But when he went to retrieve some paperwork from his vehicle at 10:30 p.m., he noticed part of the plastic dash that surrounds the radio was broken and the radio was missing. He also noticed damage to the steering wheel.
When the man tried to start the engine, his key would not turn in the ignition. He told police the door lock on the front passenger door was missing and appeared to have been forcibly removed.

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