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Hinesville PD blotter for Feb. 3
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Jan. 13: Theft by taking — A Veterans Parkway man told police he and his wife were involved in a dispute, during which she began to slap and punch his face and took his phone. He said he didn’t fight back but tried to restrain her. Later, the man said he came into contact with his wife at their lawyer’s office. She reportedly took the keys out of the ignition of his car and threatened to throw them in a well. The responding officer noticed slight swelling and a scar on the complainant’s lip. The complainant was given victims’ rights information and instructions for obtaining a copy of the report.

Simple battery — A Bradwell Institute student said another student shoved her at school while she was waiting to get on the bus. The complainant said she was told by others on the bus that the student who pushed her also was calling her names and cursing at her.
When the complainant eventually got off the bus, she said the student who pushed her caught up to her and pulled her hair. The victim’s younger sister helped pull the complainant to safety. A video taken by another student on the bus confirmed the complainant’s story.
Police went to the alleged assailant’s house and confronted her. The girl said she was tired of the victim laughing at her and saying things about her, so she pushed her. The assailant said she was wrong for attacking the other student and offered to apologize. A case card was given to the victim, and warrant procedures were explained.

Terroristic threats — A Pineland Square Apartments woman said the father of her two children came into her apartment and took property without her permission. The man’s mother returned the property to the children’s mother. When the man returned to the apartment to pick up his children and saw the property he took had been returned, he became angry. He reportedly took some of the woman’s personal items and threw them over a fence. When the woman went to collect her things, the man again took the property he’d stolen once already and put it in his vehicle. The woman said the man then threatened her with a small black revolver.
The woman said she did not want the man at her residence again. Authorities tried unsuccessfully to contact the man, but instead reached his mother. The man’s mother said he didn’t have a gun and claimed the property he took from the woman’s apartment was property he had paid for.
The complainant was briefed on warrant procedures.

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