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Hinesville PD blotter for March 24
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March 8: Obstruction, arrest for other agency — A Midway man told police he was giving his friend, a Screven woman, a ride home because she was drunk, but brought her to the police station instead because she had urinated on herself and he wanted her to clean it up. The woman’s pre-teenage son also was in the car.
When the officer attempted to get information from the woman, she told him she never had a license from any state. When police asked her where she was born she replied, “North Carolina … no, South Carolina … no, North Carolina.”
The officer then asked if she had anything with her that had her name on it and the woman replied she left all that at home. The officer asked her to check her purse for ID and spotted an ID in her wallet. He asked whose ID it was and the woman replied it was her sister’s. The officer reported the photo on the ID matched the woman’s likeness.
Police checked out the ID through a crime-data system and found the woman was wanted for a probation violation in Statesboro. After being informed she was to be arrested, the woman permitted her friend to take her son home.

Criminal trespass — An elementary-school employee reported finding a broken window on the main corridor of the school building. Officers and a police dog searched the campus but did not find any suspicious persons or weapons. Officers reported that the remaining glass of the window frame was leaning into the school and the hole in the window was too small for a child to climb through.

March 9
Battery/criminal trespass (Family Violence Act) — A Brantley Drive woman met police outside her home to report she and her boyfriend got into a physical altercation just minutes before. Police reported the woman was crying.
She told them her boyfriend had thrown something at her and had pushed her down and spat on her. The two were arguing off and on that evening about transportation arrangements for her child and about caring for his relative’s sick child.
She told police the verbal argument escalated to physical contact when he became angry over empty alcohol bottles she had discarded and an exchange of text messages between them. The woman said when she was standing at the kitchen sink her boyfriend shoved a hot plate and a pot of rice off the counter, spilling food on the floor. She said he briefly went outside and when he came back into the kitchen and told her to stop crying.
The woman said he followed her when she went into the bathroom, pushed her down over the bathtub and spat on her. The woman’s boyfriend left in his vehicle before police arrived. The woman’s neighbor had called 911 when he heard the fight.

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