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Hinesville PD blotter for March 31
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March 4: Criminal trespass — Someone used a brick to break open the back window of an office at the historic Dorchester Academy in Midway. The museum director said nothing appeared to be missing except for her office calculator, which was found outside the window.

March 6
Fallen tree — A man reported that a tree fell on top of his car at his Melvin Lane address. The tree also caused damage to a corner of the man’s metal storage shed.

March 7
Driving with suspended license/acquiring license plate for purpose of concealing/making false statements/speeding damaged brake light — A man was pulled over for speeding on Georgia Highway 405. The man was doing 89 mph in a 70 zone. The driver also was unable to produce a driver’s license, handing officers a Florida ID and saying his license was suspended. He did not have valid insurance and said he found the license plate in the trash and placed it on his car. Deputies discovered the tag had been stolen off another vehicle. He was taken to jail.

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