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Hinesville PD blotter for Sept. 9
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Aug. 5: Obstruction, shoplifting — An officer observed an 18-year-old male riding a bicycle inside Walmart. The suspect was riding down the main food aisle. When he saw the officer, he turned down another aisle, running into a woman pushing a shopping cart. He crashed the bike but climbed back on it, ignoring the officer’s calls to halt.
The suspect then rode the bike out of the store with the officer, Walmart’s loss prevention officer and several employees chasing after him. Once outside, he dropped the bike and removed his shoes then took off on foot. His shoes were taken as evidence. The officer had recognized the young man from having watched him playing basketball at Eagles Creek MHP. He was tracked to his mother’s residence. She told officers she had kicked him out of her home for stealing from her.
Another park resident said he saw the young man at Walmart and the chase that ensued. The suspect was not found, so a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Aug. 22
Terroristic threats — A man reported that a former employee of a local real estate business told him she had heard threats made against him.  
The man told the HPD officer he works in the Fort Stewart JAG office investigating cases involving businesses that defraud soldiers. The man told police he was working with the woman on a case involving her former employer. The woman said the threats were made by the son of her former boss during a meeting regarding the case being built by the JAG investigator.

Aug. 23
Terroristic threats, intimidation — An officer observed a young man pacing across a roadway. The officer asked the man if he had been involved in an argument with his stepmother. The stepmother had reported the argument began when she asked her stepson about an alleged incident witnessed by a neighbor.
The neighbor told the stepmother she saw the man’s girlfriend perform oral sex on him while the two were in the front yard. The stepmother said her stepson became angry with her and denied the incident. The stepmother told police she asked her stepson to move out of the house. A witness said she had heard the man threaten his stepmother while he was on the phone with his biological mother. The man’s biological mother arrived and the man left with her.

Aug. 24
Suspicious acts — A woman told Hinesville police she woke up disoriented and afraid at the Liberty County Jail and believed she had been drugged. The woman told officers she was out with her sister the night before and had ordered a drink at a local hotel lounge. She recalled leaving her drink on the table when she got up to dance. The woman told police the last thing she remembered before waking up in jail was seeing her sister head to the ladies restroom at the lounge. The woman called her sister, who came to the jail. The sister told officers she saw the woman talking with a man called “Neo” when she left the table for the restroom. The sister said she drove the woman’s car home when she could not find her at the lounge, and called several friends in an attempt to locate her. The woman was taken to the hospital where she requested a rape kit.

Aug. 25
Hit and run — An HPD officer spoke to a driver who said he found damage to his brother’s car when he left it parked outside Walmart for an hour between 9:45 and 10:45 a.m. The man told police there was damage to the front fender on the driver’s side of the car and a flat tire. The officer told the man he was not being truthful, because the officer saw the damaged car in the parking lot at 7 a.m. while he was conducting a security check. The HPD officer said the driver apparently feared he would be arrested for lying, and placed his arms behind his back.
The officer told the driver he just needed to tell the truth. The driver told police he was at a club and realized the tire was flat after he had left the club parking lot. The driver pulled into a parking area, stopped the car and saw damage to the fender along with the flat tire. The officer said the damage appeared to be consistent with the driver running over something like a curb or parking-space barrier.

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