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Hinesville PD blotters for Oct.28
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Sept. 24: Simple battery — A police officer was dispatched to a home on Slayton Circle regarding a domestic dispute. The woman told the officer the dispute started the day before when her husband failed to respond when she called him to come home. She said she needed to attend to a personal matter, but he intentionally refused to come home.  When he did come home, she left and didn’t return until the next morning. She said she stayed with a friend to avoid a confrontation.
When she came home, she found the storm door handle had been removed and she couldn’t get in the house. Five minutes later, her husband came home, parking directly behind her car. She said he approached her car door and demanded her keys to the house.
She refused to give them to him. When asked if her husband had physically confronted her, she said he had reached his arm around her neck and attempted to pull her from the car.
The officer reported that she didn’t have any signs of injuries to her neck or clothing. The man told the officer he had demanded the keys but denied assaulting her. He said he didn’t have a problem with her staying in the house but was concerned she might damage the house while he was at work.

Arrest for another agency; doing business without a license — While on patrol, an HPD officer noticed a blue Direct TV canopy set up near a service station on Gen. Screven Way.  He said he saw two or three sales agents and a line of customers, who appeared to mostly be Bradwell Institute students. He said he called the city business license office and learned no transient business permits had been issued for Direct TV.
He said he confronted the man who said he was the representative. The officer told the man he knew he didn’t have a license to do business. The man agreed to take down his tent, but the officer asked for his identification. Records showed the man was wanted by the Sheriff’s Office in Lauren County for a probation violation. He was arrested.

Sept. 25
Aggravated stalking/ burglary, no forced entry — A woman told police her ex-boyfriend had entered her home around 3 a.m. while she was away. The woman showed the officer three police reports she had previously filed complaining of the man stalking her, and a petition for a temporary protective order. The woman’s friend told police he and the woman both suspected the ex-boyfriend was still stalking her, so he placed hunting cameras around the home and in the backyard. The man showed the officer footage of the ex-boyfriend entering the woman’s bedroom and searching through her nightstand. The man was seen with mail and an iPod, according to the camera footage.

Sept. 26
Battery — A man told police he and his wife were in the process of getting a divorce. He reported she attacked him after an argument. The husband said his wife initially left the home after the argument, but later returned while he was sitting on the couch watching TV. He told officers his wife returned to the home, began to yell, pushed a tray in front of him away and began punching him in the face. The husband said he grabbed his wife by the arms and pushed her away in an attempt to defend himself. When he pushed her away, she fell to the floor, the man said. He then called police on his cellphone as he walked toward the door. His wife asked who he was calling. He responded, “You know who.” She then hit him from behind before he left the home, the man told officers. When police arrived on the scene, they observed the man was bleeding from his right nostril and he has a small scratch on the back of his neck. The wife called 911 after her husband did, according to the HPD report. Police determined the wife had been the aggressor in the incident.

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