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Hinesville Police blotter

From Hinesville Police Department reports:

Lost government property: From a May 31 report comes this narrative.
“As part of my employment with the Hinesville Police Department, I was issued a police hat badge. During a period when my assigned patrol car was in the city shop for maintenance, I left my police hat badge (and the hat it was attached too) in a pool car that I was using at the time. I do not recall which car it was in because I was using several different pool cars. I have not been able to locate the hat badge since then. It has been added to this report as lost property.”

Shoplifting: Police were sent May 30 around 11 a.m. to Walmart regarding a shoplifting in progress. The 911 dispatcher said a Walmart security officer was chasing the “offender across the parking lot towards Wendys” and described the shoplifter as a white guy in khaki shorts and yellow shirt.
Police surrounded the area but never found the guy. The Walmart security officer showed police a photo of the man leaving the store carrying an item “described as a doorbell ring bundle, valued at ($149).”
The alleged offender didn’t get away with the doorbell ring bundle, which had been taken from him “prior to the offender running away across the parking lot.”
It was damaged, however, and couldn’t be resold. The alleged shoplifter also returned a pair of sandals he didn’t buy and had been given a refund. “The refund was not recovered.”

Found property: Here’s a new one. A woman reported May 30 she parked her car at Lowes around 7 a.m. with the doors unlocked and came back around lunchtime. “She found a blue windbreaker style jacket and a small purse described as red velvet sitting in her front passenger-side seat. She opened the purse and discovered an assortment of jewelry inside.”
The officer took the jacket and purse to HPD for safekeeping.

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