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Hinesville Police blotter for Dec. 19
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Suspicious activity
Firefinder Lane
Dec. 8

An officer was dispatched to Firefinder Lane in reference to a group of juveniles standing in the road in front of a complainant’s residence. The officer made contact with the juveniles who stated they were waiting for a friend who lived in the neighborhood. When the juveniles were asked if anything had been said between the complainant and themselves, they stated no but noted the complainant was yelling at someone inside his residence. The officer attempted to make contact with the complainant, but he stated he did not wish to speak to the officer because he (the officer) spoke with the juveniles first. The complainant stated since he was the complainant and a voting citizen of Hinesville, the officer should have come to him to see what the problem was. The officer then tried to speak with the complainant’s wife to see if she could tell him what was going on between the juveniles and the complainant, but as the officer was speaking with the complainant’s wife the complainant said, “I don’t want you in my yard. The reason I called was because one of those kids said they had a  gun.” The officer asked the complainant if he could show him which juvenile supposedly had the weapon, but he declined to cooperate. The officer advised the complainant to have a good night. No criminal activity was observed.

Neighbor dispute
Dog problem
Second Street
Dec. 7

An officer was dispatched to Second Street in reference to a barking dog. The complainant said he was exercising in his  back yard and a dog on  Parker Drive started barking and did not stop. While the officer was talking to the complainant, the officer did not hear the dog barking. The complainant stated the dog barks all the time. He also stated the suspect cursed at him. The officer spoke with the suspect and she stated her neighbor (the complainant) had been antagonizing her dog. She stated that shortly before the officer arrived, she observed the complainant standing between his sheds and pointing at her dog as the animal continuously barked at him. He also told her he was going to call the police. While the officer was talking to the suspect, her dog would bark at the officer when it saw him, but when the officer stepped out of his view, he would not bark. She also stated she did curse at him but it was under her breath. She did not think he would hear her.

Criminal trespass
Willowbrook Drive
Dec. 8

An officer was dispatched to Willowbrook Drive in reference to criminal trespass. The complainant/bus driver advised the officer that when he parked his bus on Dec. 8, the bus did not have spray paint on it. Somebody painted with red spray paint (sex mone murda) on the passenger side of the bus. Also, before and after the words, a five-pointed star had been painted on the rear of the bus. There was also another bus parked in the parking lot that was not painted.

Suspicious acts – huffing
Azalea Street
Dec. 10

An officer was dispatched to Azalea Street in reference to suspicious acts. The complainant reported she looked out of her window and saw a man sitting on the sidewalk. Unsure about what was wrong with the man, she called 911. The complainant then went outside to see if the man needed any help. The complainant stated she saw cans of keyboard cleaner around the suspect. The officer made contact with the suspect who said he drank some wine earlier but had not been huffing keyboard cleaner. The officer briefed another officer of the incident over the phone. The officer also briefed a MACE agent on the incident via phone. The MACE agent said they were not going to come out for the suspect and to let him go. The officer provided the suspect with a ride to his residence. The suspect seemed to be alright when he got out of the patrol car. He was able to speak clearly and understood what the officer said. The suspect stated he felt fine and was going to go inside for the night. The suspect appeared to be okay when the officer left the residence. The keyboard cleaner was taken into custody and turned into the evidence locker for safe keeping.

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