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Hinesville Police blotter for Dec. 24
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Dec. 15: • Cruelty to an animal, Timber Ridge Trail
Animal Control told police they received an anonymous tip about an alleged neglected dog. Officers found a dog that appeared to be cold and in pain, according to the police report. The officer reported the dog was shaking from 18 degree temperatures and would put a lot of weight on its back paw. The dog also appeared to be starving as the skin around its back hips was sunken in and its ribs were showing, according to the police report.
The dog’s water buckets had trash and leaves in them that were frozen to the bottom, officers reported. It appeared the house was unoccupied since the air conditioner was covered in ice, according to the HPD report.

Dec. 16
• Domestic dispute, Ricade Drive

A Ricade Drive woman told police she and her husband had a fight after she refused his sexual advances. The woman said her husband was intoxicated after attending a social function on Fort Stewart and that he became angry and broke items in the bedroom when she refused him sex, according to the police report.
The woman told police her husband threw items at her but she was not hit. The officer observed the bedroom was in disarray, according to the report. The woman told police her husband had cleaned up most of the damage. The officer reported he was unable to speak with the husband because he was being held by military police regarding some actions on post, according to the HPD.

• Simple battery, Spanish Oak Drive
A Spanish Oak Drive woman told police her husband had recently returned from Iraq and had been very angry. The woman said she and her husband had a disagreement and her husband got mad, grabbed her and pinned her down and started to yell at her, according to the police report. Once she got free she called 911, according to the report.
Officers reported they did not see any physical signs of a fight. The husband told police he had been drinking and he does not know why he has been so angry lately. Police told the man he should seek anger-management counseling through the military, according to the report.

Dec. 18
• Burglary, forced entry, residence, Barry McCaffrey Road

A Barry McCaffrey Road woman told police after she returned from driving her children’s babysitter home she found her back door open and shoes, clothing and a shotgun missing from a closet. She said her babysitter had a visitor nicknamed “Red Rum” over for about 45 minutes the week before the burglary, according to the police report.

• Theft by taking, Ralph Quarterman Drive
A Ralph Quarterman Drive woman told police two men scammed their way into her home and stole money from her. The men told her they were sent to her house by a senior citizens’ group to replace her carpet and were there to take measurements, according to the police report. The woman told police one of the men stayed in the living room and the other went into her bedroom.
She said one man had apparently moved her mattress around and she noticed a nightstand drawer was on the floor, according to the HPD report. The woman told police after the men left in a black van she realized $800 was missing from her purse.

Dec. 19
• Pointing a gun at another, Willowbrook Drive

A retail worker flagged down a police car to report a man had threatened her with a gun. The worker said when she got into her car to leave a local store, a man parked his car alongside hers and asked to speak to her, according to the police report.
The woman told police she told the man she was tired and wanted to go home. The man pulled out a gun, pointed it at her and told her he wanted to talk to her, according to the report. She told police they spoke for about five minutes when the man placed his gun hand in his lap. The man told the woman he wanted to “be more than friends,” and appeared to be upset she allegedly lied to him about relationships she reportedly had with other men. The man called the victim a (expletive) and a (expletive.) After about 30 minutes, the woman told the man “If you are going to shoot me, do it now,” according to the HPD. The man replied, “I am not going to shoot you, but I should beat the (expletive) out of you,” according to the report.
The woman told police the man then cleared his gun and left the area. She followed him to get his tag number, according to police.

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